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In 2017, Cartier doors and windows transformed from a solid trunk line enterprise to a brand competitive enterprise. Carty doors and windows has gradually ushered in sales explosion points in major regions across the country, and with the sales amount from 30 million to 60 million now, up 20%, ranking among the top ten brand door and window enterprises. In the case of the downturn of the whole door and window market, what kind of charm, implementation and strength does director Li Yongxian of Cartier doors and windows have to win the favor and popularity of many customers and achieve such proud performance

sharpen the advantages of the team into a sharp knife

Li Yongxian said: "unite all the people who can be united. As long as you have a concerted team, you can defeat the people who cannot be defeated. How much value do you have? How much value can you create? The greater your value is, the more money you can make. The greatest significance of life is to grow and contribute value to the company." Li Yongxian earnestly taught the sales team under his leadership to be useful. His positioning is to become a valuable person. As one of the top ten brands of door and window enterprises, Cartier doors and windows is honored. The regional sales manager led by Li Yongxian has won the monthly sales champion for many times, and has verified the strength and attraction of Cartier doors and windows again and again. Li Yongxian earnestly taught that everyone in the team would benefit from it, making the Department a strong general, spanning large regions, and becoming a strong general in door and window sales. As the soul of the company, he has a very important mission and always rushes ahead

in 2017, under the situation of fierce market competition, Li Yongxian resolutely shouldered this flag, led his "wolf" sales team to constantly expand the territory, strongly set up the market, and committed to subverting the pattern of major regions and building Chinese door and window brands. As the marketing director of Cartier doors and windows, Li Yongxian has a spirit of daring

"I won't stick to the so-called one acre three points, but I still think there are still many things to break through in the door and window market." Li Yongxian said, or it is this momentum that makes him dare to successfully transform Cartier doors and windows under the fierce competition in the door and window market. Li Yongxian adheres to his purpose, keeps his feet on the ground and wins opportunities; Seize the opportunity and hit it with one blow. The advantages of Cartier doors and windows lie in the precise positioning of enterprise products, the targeting of target markets, and the comprehensive combat effectiveness of the team. We will never shrink back, and we will continue to write the glory of "Cartier doors and windows" with the style of hard work. Nowadays, the market is full of door and window brands, and it is not easy to seize a market again. In order to create excellent quality, Li Yongxian and his sales team have made great efforts

now, through the continuous development of department formation, customer investment promotion and product introduction, the eight month market operation has received strong response from consumers. The sales team has changed from two people to a large team of 24 people. In 2017, the development momentum of Cartier doors and windows was on the verge of prairie fire

over the past few months, Li Yongxian led his "wolf" marketing team to constantly carry out publicity and guidance for various markets, brand communication from hard to soft, from macro to micro, from online selection to offline experience, and large event marketing and promotion activities...

this year, Carty doors and windows set off a storm of joining doors and windows, rapidly expanded with excellent product advantages, and strategically laid out various core cities, It has more than 500 franchised stores. The brand image is far ahead in the door and window industry, and is well received and recognized by consumers. After 20 years of brand dormancy and polishing, the brand image of Cartier doors and windows is far ahead of its peers, and the strategic layout continues to explode. Provide practical business ideas and supporting policies for dealers. Be ready to lead the transformation and upgrading of dealers, and work together to create a new future for terminals

at present, it is the era of "Internet". The deep integration of the innovative achievements of the Internet into traditional enterprises is the penetration and change of traditional industries. The transformation of R & D and design, production and manufacturing, and marketing service mode is the key to seize the next consumption outlet. Based on its own advanced technology, Li Yongxian and his sales team took the initiative to shine their swords on the market. Taking the Guangzhou Construction Expo as an opportunity, he made efforts in R & D and innovation. His products are people-oriented and pay more attention to humanized design. In terms of details, we will use more exquisite processes to improve. Secondly, we will pay attention to the practicality of products and carry out R & D and innovation from the perspective of life, not just focusing on the design of fashionable appearance. Compared with the design of fashionable appearance, we pay more attention to the quality and practicality of products. It is the mission that Li Yongxian has been pursuing to let Katy doors and windows enter thousands of households




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