How to select materials for arc shape processing

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About how to select materials for arc shape treatment:

now many construction sites use wood plywood when they encounter arc shape, but the joint cracking and plate surface deformation caused by wood plywood due to large wet expansion and dry shrinkage are difficult to solve, which has always been a headache for construction units and owners. The selection of cement fiber board for strong bending and strong positioning will always maintain the stress, which is also the biggest cause of cracking

my suggestion is to use gypsum board for wet processing to bend, because the core of gypsum board will undergo plastic deformation under wet processing conditions, which avoids the generation of bending stress, and the strength of gypsum board will not be affected after drying. During construction, the board surface shall be wetted, and then slowly bent. After bending in place, it is not suitable to nail and fix it first, and then nail and fix it after the paper surface is dry

of course, we should choose the gypsum board with imported paper surface, because the fiber of domestic paper is very short, and it is easy to crack when bending after wetting, so the gypsum board with domestic paper surface cannot be used for bending




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