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On November 7, some enterprises' PVC production and sales dynamics

1. Shanghai chlor alkali PVC production was normal, the start-up maintained the early level, and the price was temporarily stable. The lowest price of ethylene material No. 1000 was delivered to the level of 7600 yuan/ton in the surrounding areas, and some acceptance was 100 higher. If the parts were deformed and worn, they could be shipped flexibly

2. Hangzhou electrochemical PVC production is normal and the price is stable. The ex factory quotation of type 3 electric stone is 7400 yuan/ton. The source of goods is limited, mainly for old customers, and the sales are normal

3. The PVC production of Sanmenxia JEMAA is normal, and the price is stable, 5 yuan/ton. The manufacturer said that the delivery of goods is slightly better than that in the early stage, and the sales are normal

4. The Suzhou HuaSu PVC production plant has resumed operation, and the price is subject to the market. The price for delivery around No. 1000 is 7800 yuan/ton, and the price for 800 and 1300 is 100 yuan higher. Some large orders and old customers can enjoy a slight discount, and the shipment is average

5. Zhejiang Juhua PVC production is normal, the price is stable, the average price is 5 yuan/ton, and the sales are normal

6. Tianjin LG Dagu PVC production is normal, and the price remains stable. The ex factory quotation of ethylene material 1000 is 7600 yuan/ton, and the ex factory quotation of ethylene material 800 is 7700 yuan/ton. The actual delivery order can be preferential, and the shipment is stable

7. PVC production in Yushe, Shanxi Province is normal. Type 5 calcium carbide is 7100 yuan/ton delivered locally and 6900 yuan/ton exported to East China. North China operates flexibly, and the transportation in South China is slightly tight, so the shipment is average

8. The production of PVC of Beijing No.2 Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. is normal, the start-up is maintained at 50%, and the price is stable. The ethylene material 1000 leaves the factory at 7700 yuan/ton. The shipment is slightly preferential, and the sales are relatively general. It will be adjusted according to the market in the later period

9. Sinopec Beijing PVC production is normal and the price is stable. Qs1050 and QS2. According to the test of plastic tensile testing machine, 1000F is 72. The data shows that it is 00 yuan/ton, S1000 is 7300 yuan/ton, and 800f is quoted at 7450 yuan, which promotes the new strategic partnership between China and Africa to a new level/ton, and s700 is 7500 yuan/ton. The shipment situation is relatively general

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