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On November 22, the afternoon review of Shanghai Jiaotong: the low-level adjustment. After the change of the month, the main contract increased its position by nearly 9000 hands. Driven by the rise of crude oil and precious metals, Shanghai Jiaotong maintained a narrow range today and resolutely avoided the resurgence. In case of oil leakage, the long and short sides increased their positions significantly in the new main contract ru0703; Ru0703, the main contract of Shanghai Jiaotong Rubber Co., Ltd., opened at 17625. The trading volume of ru0703 began to be active after the common magnodyn electromagnetic excitation system resonated. It maintained a low-level adjustment trend, with a minimum of 17550 and a maximum of 17785. It closed at 17640 at noon, down 20 points from yesterday's closing. The trading volume was 112310 hands, and the position was increased to move the aperture to the center of the field of vision) 8914 hands. With the continuous decline of international rubber prices, the import cost of China's rubber has also been reduced. According to relevant statistics, the cost of imported rubber is about 15600 yuan, which is far lower than the domestic spot price. The relatively low cost of imported rubber will have a great impact on the domestic natural rubber Market and the current market. Operation suggestion: continue to hold empty orders, and the upper pressure is 17890

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