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Dushanzi petrochemical ethylene plant has embarked on a new path of low-carbon circular development

through technological innovation, institutional innovation and other means, Dushanzi petrochemical ethylene plant has tried its best to reduce energy consumption, reduce gas emissions, achieve the win-win goal of economic development and resource and environmental protection, and achieved a better effect of 6.1 percentage points higher than that of the city's designated industries

according to the statistics on April 12, the industrial water device of the ethylene plant recovers more than 5200 cubic meters of industrial purified water every day, which becomes demineralized water after being treated by the deep water device, and is sent to the power station in the new area and the water vapor device in the old area to replace the new water, which not only saves the new water, but also protects the environment

the ethylene plant will send the recovered excess low-pressure methane, analytical gas and carbon dioxide waste gas to the methanol plant, so that all the raw materials used in the production of the methanol plant are recycled waste gas, which can save more than 2.4 million standard cubic meters of natural gas per month. The Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region voted on the general election bill for the executive president proposed by the government of the Special Administrative Region on the 18th, saving more than 2.5 million yuan in costs, energy consumption of ethylene Ethylene processing loss rate and other indicators have been greatly reduced year-on-year, and are at the leading level compared with similar domestic devices

under the situation of increasing resource and environmental constraints, the ethylene plant has taken the initiative in development, actively carried out the construction of low-carbon economy pilot plants, and blazed a new path for the development of circular economy and low-carbon economy

in terms of structural adjustment, the ethylene plant vigorously develops high-tech industries and energy conservation and environmental protection industries, increases the proportion of low energy consumption and low emission industries, and reduces high energy consumption and high emission. We have the following understanding of this problem: reduce the proportion of industries, actively promote the application of efficient and mature energy-saving and water-saving technologies and cleaner production technologies, use advanced energy-saving equipment, fully promote cleaner production, and do a good job in resource recycling and reuse

in terms of transformation, the ethylene plant will focus on key energy-saving projects and emission reduction projects, use advanced technology to transform and improve traditional industries, clarify the work plan for energy conservation and emission reduction in the 12th Five Year Plan and the implementation plan for low-carbon circular economy, and will implement a number of energy-saving and water-saving technical measures, such as the transformation of cold feed of cracking furnace, the recovery and utilization of surplus methane gas, the recovery and transformation of condensate, and the deep reuse of sewage

in terms of the mechanism under construction, the ethylene plant reduces waste and pollution through institutional constraints, and requires all units to implement and strictly assess the total energy consumption and unit capacity consumption savings targets at all levels; Combine resource conservation with pollutant emission reduction, and make breakthroughs in key areas; Vigorously implement new technologies and measures for energy conservation, water conservation and emission reduction, and undertake the important task of energy conservation and emission reduction in the 12th Five Year Plan from a high starting point

in terms of strengthening, the ethylene plant will improve the statistics, monitoring and assessment system, establish a technical sequence conducive to improving energy efficiency and reducing emissions, and ensure that six low-carbon circular economy projects will be completed in 2010, and the comprehensive energy consumption of ethylene products will reach the working goals of 645kg standard oil per ton, saving 20000 tons of standard coal, saving 240000 tons of water in the power machinery plant, and limiting the emission of sulfur dioxide by 100 tons

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