How to renovate the hottest paper collections

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How to renovate paper collections

among all kinds of collections, paper collections pay most attention to the quality of the goods. A little defect will also reduce the value of the collection a lot. Here, I will introduce several ways to renovate the paper collection:

first, after the paper collection appears macular, dissolve a small spoonful of refined salt in the heated milk, wait for the milk to cool, completely immerse the collection in the milk for 1 to 2 hours, then take it out, gently wipe it with a soft cloth, rinse it with water, and then remove the macula after drying

second, the paper collection is stained with blue ink, and the experimental data of bleaching powder and baking soda can be saved, queried and called at any time. It can be dissolved in the same proportion of 75 light partition strips in clear and visible water for a long time, and then put the paper collection in, soak it for a while, and then the blue ink can be removed

III. paper collectibles with wrinkle defects can be soaked in clean water for 15 to 20 minutes and then picked up. Use absorbent paper to absorb the surface moisture, and then clip it into the book to dry

IV. for the paper collectibles that have been thinned, you can apply glue to the thinned place, stick a piece of paper of the same size, and roll and flatten it with a circular object

v. when the paper collection is stained with oil, you can dip a cotton ball in some gasoline or alcohol and wipe it gently to remove it

VI. for paper collections stained with wax, put it between two absorbent papers and iron it with an iron to remove the wax

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