How to remove glass glue

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How to remove glass glue

glass glue is a common material in decoration. As the name suggests, it is mainly used for the installation of glass. It can be said that it is essential for decoration, but the decoration situation of each house is different, and the types of glass glue are different. The prospect of the guided investment project is not the only question of Xinxiang Chemical fiber, so the curing time of glass glue will also be different. Coupled with the characteristics of the glue, I believe everyone has a lot of doubts and troubles about glass glue. The masters summarize and introduce how to remove glass glue and precautions

How to remove the glass glue

I. how to get the glass glue on the glass

1. If the area of the glass glue is large, you need to buy a putty knife in the hardware store, sharpen it and scrape it carefully. If the area is small, gently scrape it with scissors. Or take banana water and gently rub it on many times, the edge will melt off, and then you can cut it with a knife, so that no trace can be left

2. We can also use a useless credit card. When it is a little hardened, scrape it gently along the glass surface, and it will come off. Because the credit card is soft, it is not easy to hurt the glass surface. It is OK to use a 1 yuan coin, but be careful with the metal one

3. If there is a layer of grease on the glass after scraping, it will disappear after wiping it with cotton cloth dipped in gasoline or pine perfume

4. You can use the steel wire brush for pot brushing, which is especially easy to use and can't be scratched

5. If you still can't tear it off, you can turn the hair dryer on the hot gear and blow it towards the adhesive paper while tearing it. In this way, generally, there will be no glue left. Even if there is, it's very rare. You can chemically react with balm. If you tear off a large piece of glue left, use a wool Jin to dip loose perfume (or paint thinner, which can be sold for less than five yuan a bottle in hardware groceries or paint places) and draw a circle at the glue to wipe it

second, how to get the glass glue on your hand

1. Use cotton yarn to occupy kerosene or gasoline, wipe it clean, and then wash your hands with soap, alkaline flour or washing powder

2. Wipe off large pieces with paper, then add a little water with alkaline flour or washing powder, rub them repeatedly and thoroughly, and wash them thoroughly

3. Wipe off large pieces, fill them, and then dry them pertinently, and then rub them off. After the glass glue solvent evaporates and dries, a film is formed

when starting the measurement, people actually don't know the position of the measuring head. Third, how to get the glass glue on the clothes

if it is attached to clothes, you can consider brushing it with a brush. If you still can't remove the glass glue, you should consider banana water

IV. how to get the glass glue on the floor

the method of removing glass glue is different according to different floors. If it's porcelain tile, it's more convenient to remove it. Just scrape it gently with a knife or scissors. The wooden floor is more troublesome. You need to soak the sponge in boiling water until it is hot, throw the water slightly dry, and wipe it repeatedly for several times, and the glass glue will be wiped off from time to time

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