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How to refine international communication facilities? Shanghai iron tower is a perfect ending for Disney

on June 16, Shanghai Disneyland theme park will officially open. As the first Disney Resort in mainland China and the most special resort in the world, Shanghai Disney has attracted worldwide attention; A good horse with a good saddle, the construction capacity, service capacity, maintenance and guarantee capacity of various information and communication infrastructures in the park also affect the vision of all sectors of society

under the coordination and guidance of Shanghai Communications Administration, Shanghai tower and the three major operators have worked together to make every effort. Disney park has become one of the best areas in Shanghai for information and communication services, ensuring that a large number of tourists can access basic communication services, access social media, upload pictures and videos, and share personal experiences while being in the fairy tale world. The construction of Disneyland's information infrastructure was officially launched in March 2012. After the establishment of Shanghai iron tower, it participated in the construction at the first time. It not only completed the construction and optimization of multiple base stations and their supporting facilities on schedule, but also coordinated all parties to promote the overall progress of the project and implement various emergency measures, which withstood the test of international standard construction requirements

global park standards, Chinese experience characteristics, and Shanghai benchmark demonstration this is a world feast. Yongxing special steel, the stunning first of the iron tower, will suspend its trading and plan to acquire new energy materials company, adding the beauty of synergy. In the face of c114, Zhao Xingming, deputy general manager of Shanghai tower, said with great emotion that I had the honor to experience the whole process of Disney project from the beginning of the operator to the end of the tower company. In the face of the high standard construction requirements of the United States for Disney adcu (original Disney, unique Chinese flavor), the construction speed and quality of Shanghai Tower in the Disney Resort project verified the international communication service ability of the tower company

full service brings the Disney project to a perfect conclusion.

Shanghai tower was officially established on November 18, 2014. It began to participate in the construction of information and communication infrastructure in Shanghai Disney park on May 22, 2015, and is responsible for the civil construction and supporting implementation of base stations in phase II and phase III projects. By May 24 this year, all foundation and supporting construction will be completed on schedule, with a total of 6 macro stations, 3 pole stations, 19 Street stations and 1 room

[Pudi camping] the sixth macro station is located next to the Lakeside Park, in the center of the park and next to the subway station.

as a recruit, Shanghai iron tower not only successfully completed its own duties, in addition to a series of problems caused by components, but also based on the concept of personal service for the three operators, it took the initiative to organize and take the lead, and actively negotiated with all parties to promote the construction progress; In terms of tower type selection, the tower company finally decided to start the project after many communications with Walt Disney and Shanghai Shendi group, which not only won important advantages for the communication industry, but also laid the foundation for building a harmonious environment

Shanghai iron tower has established a good docking relationship with the three operators in the Disney project, including demand consultation, scheme formulation, construction promotion, civil engineering, transmission, power supply and other delivery, maintenance and response. As the main carrier of communication with the owner, it has played the ultimate significance of the establishment of the national iron tower company, and has very well met the construction needs of major projects and the characteristics of more and more concentrated work in the end, Its intensive construction mode also provides strong support for the optimization work after the opening of the operator's signal, and promotes the perfect conclusion of the project

especially in the middle and late stage of construction, when the construction team of Disneyland is transitioning to the operation team, there is a phenomenon of multi head management. According to the American management process, the project management, operation, security and property management all need to sign on the construction sheet for confirmation before they can be released. Each signing department is in different office areas of the whole park, and often a construction sheet needs to be issued for one day, resulting in obvious restrictions on the speed of project promotion. The tower project manager took the initiative to run between the owner's construction team and the operation team, and coordinated the installation and commissioning of operators. For example, in the construction of optical cable entering the building at East PTC Street station, the three operators were unified and arranged by the tower company, which finally ensured the smooth and timely opening of all base stations

in order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the tower and other supporting facilities in the Disney park, Shanghai iron tower also 724 strengthened the operation and control of the site equipment in the park through the operation and maintenance system, and effectively improved the response ability to emergencies through the implementation of major security work in the monitoring center, the implementation of on-site maintenance work in the park, emergency drills of security personnel, and other measures

the construction management concept of the tower company is gradually recognized by the industry. The relevant personnel of the management company hired by the United States also praise the tower project team, saying that it has high efficiency, high professional quality of civil engineering, strong execution and strong discipline

how to refine international infrastructure

the so-called "good horse with good saddle", Shanghai Disneyland International Tourism Resort Park can not do without the support of international information and communication infrastructure, while the United States' excellence and Shanghai tower's adherence to high quality have also brought many challenges to the deployment of the project

as president Tong said, looking at the development trend of the global testing instrument industry, iron towers and other facilities are the end of management in telecom enterprises, and iron towers are the main business in China. Because they are single, they are single-minded. We draw on the tower building experience of all operators, make great efforts in specialization, and pursue perfection. Gu Xuanlong, the Disney project manager of Pudong tower, said

the United States strictly controls the environment in the whole park and even within the range of vision, and the coverage form of mobile communication determines that the tower must be in a high-altitude form. This requires that the implementation of the tower station should not only be in strict accordance with the detailed control plan, but also take into account the overall architectural layout and landscape requirements of the park. Through excellent design, Shanghai iron tower integrates the tower type into the surrounding environment in the form of landscape tower and beautification tower. At the same time, it also adopts the construction methods of decentralized points, so as to achieve a balance between the communication quality and the environment. In the communication and negotiation with the United States, the tower team also overcame language barriers, regional cultural differences and other difficulties, and accumulated international experience

for the Datong Music Plaza project, the location of the tower company is subject to the existing pipelines, and the surrounding support operation cannot be carried out due to the fence adjacent to the Lakeside Park. With the support of the company's leaders, the project manager changed the civil engineering scheme on the spot and changed the independent foundation to steel pipe piles. In order to ensure the supply of goods, the design institute was specially asked to calculate and select the pipe piles in stock on the market, and solve the pile pressing and tower hoisting operations at two street stations in the plot within two days, providing strong support for the successful holding of Liao Changyong and other concert activities on May 22 this year

in the winter of 2015, Shanghai suffered the worst cold wave in 35 years, which lasted for two weeks; In addition, as the Spring Festival approaches the peak of workers' return home, the concrete mixing plant will hang up the exemption card early. In order to ensure that the civil engineering of Hong station is completed before the Spring Festival and strive for valuable civil engineering pouring and maintenance time, Shanghai iron tower has been closely organized, prepared plans, verified by many parties, coordinated with the construction unit to take winter construction and maintenance measures, and finally completed the pouring construction of all Hong stations' earth foundation on the 20th day of the twelfth lunar month, thus ensuring the delivery of all Hong stations in the park at the beginning of March this year

management innovation is also the highlight of Shanghai Tower in this Disney project. As the pacesetter in the reform of state-owned enterprises, the tower company broke the traditional mode of multi line management of state-owned enterprise departments and adopted new means and new measures, such as the integration of construction and maintenance, the regional manager system, network management, etc., which are directly managed by the leadership of Shanghai tower company and its regional branches, and the regional manager personally serves as the project manager to manage the whole park project; The whole process is promoted by the region itself, so as to achieve full decentralization; The project manager independently completes the whole chain management of demand docking, project approval and design, implementation and acceptance, transportation, maintenance and delivery, and submission for approval and final accounts. The municipal company is responsible for reviewing and checking the scheme and investment, and supporting the material supply

Since the establishment of the tower company, a large number of responsible tower people and many moving deeds have emerged, as well as in the Disney project. The project is located in the suburb of Chuansha, Pudong. The relevant personnel of each department of the tower have to work at 8 or 9 p.m. every day after work. They have to work overtime all night in turn before meeting important time nodes. In the past year, it was like fighting every day

as a project manager, Gu Xuanlong followed closely in the whole process of design, geological exploration, civil engineering, tower construction and supporting facilities, giving full play to the role of series in the project, and even being laughed at by his colleagues as deadly serial torture. The shrinkage rate of mold forming is 0.2% - 0.4%. The civil construction progress of Disney park is far slower than the plan, and the implementation of street stations can only be continuously postponed. However, the opening day of the park has long been determined, and Gu Xuanlong can only repeatedly determine the civil construction progress with the owner. All projects can be regarded as staring out one by one. Sometimes the supplier failed to catch up with the delivery time, and he timely appealed to the comprehensive Department of the municipal company for help. The comprehensive department also gave full support and gave priority to ensuring the material supply of the Disney project. In the most urgent case, the customer manager of the equipment supplier drove 500 kilometers directly from the factory to supply the Disney project. It was already 2 a.m. when the materials were delivered to the point, and finally the equipment installation and commissioning were completed on time

communication is an industry, and the tower and operators are a family. We need to complete this collective dance together in order to get more accumulation on the Disney project. Gu Xuanlong said. In April this year, he had a son and insisted on appearing at the Disney regular meeting on the third day of his son's birth. Even his son's nickname was also named Disney

the construction supervisor is responsible for the whole process and all-round quality control. Sun Hongwei, from the supervision unit, suddenly suffered from rectal submucous abscess in the early stage of Disney phase II and III project construction. In order not to affect the orderly progress of Disney project, the patient returned to work after simple treatment in the hospital in the early stage, and insisted on returning to his hometown for surgical recuperation until the final stage of the project

in the construction of iron towers, because large vehicles cannot enter the completed project site, a large number of rod bodies and pressure block counterweights rely on manual lightering. For example, the tower staff coordinated the tower factory workers to move the roof blocks of a certain plot for 6 hours from 10 a.m., and finally moved and installed all the 3-ton blocks in place

as the last link of macro station construction, the time left for supporting units is the shortest, but the construction completion node cannot be changed, so we must constantly work overtime. Especially after some areas of the trial operation were opened to the public, in order to avoid tourists during the day, the construction team rushed to work at night and worked hard for two days to complete the project. Songxiaohui, the person in charge of the site, is often harassed by the tower project manager to confirm the construction progress in the middle of the night, and the number of calls even exceeds that with his girlfriend

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