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Three hidden forces behind the development of China IOT

if there is a leader in the field of IOT, China is undoubtedly the first beneficial contender. This strategic emerging industry includes sensors, RFID and the scientific and technological mode of dialogue with other institutions

there is a magical mirror in the home of architect James Rowe: whenever he looks in the mirror, he sees not only his own image of customized fibers, but also weather reports, e-mail messages, and even his heart rate at that time

Luo is the biggest disruptor of the rules of the game in the past 25 years. Luo said that with the concept of integrating technology into design, Luo worked for a Hong Kong construction company to develop this Luo technology mirror. Although the network is already omnipresent in the interior of the building, it seems that there is still much room for the development of the network, such as tables, doors and windows, and mirrors, which is the field of IOT

at present, Luo's company undertakes to meet two standards at the same time and is favored to undertake a number of projects funded by the Chinese government. These project governance and further expand the scope of use of the network. The $5000 network technology mirror mentioned above was originally customized by the company for a high-tech residential area in Dubai. Luo said: IOT is becoming more and more materialized. We also began to try to separate these concepts from the field of architectural design, form independent products, and make its capacity as diverse as possible in technology and functions

if there is a leader in the field of IOT, China is undoubtedly the first beneficial contender. This strategic emerging industry includes sensors, RFID and the scientific and technological mode of dialogue with other institutions. Every year, humans put 4.8 million to 12.7 million tons of plastic waste into the sea.

the Chinese government plans to invest 5billion yuan in the field of IOT by 2015. According to the prediction of the Ministry of information technology, China's IOT market will earn 500 billion yuan of foreign exchange in 2015, and this number will double again to exceed 1 trillion yuan by 2020

the Chinese government has also set up special institutions to promote the development of IOT, including Chengdu IOT Research Institute in Sichuan Province. The Institute aims to develop a kind of health care equipment, so that residents in remote rural areas can enter this kind of health care capsule similar to kiosks and connect with doctors thousands of miles away, so as to receive professional disease diagnosis and timely and effective treatment. Through the cooperation of this capsule like equipment and clinics, people can enjoy a good and inexpensive daily experience, and can also select a doctor for in-depth diagnosis and treatment, and then print out the prescription issued by the doctor through the capsule and order these drugs

previously, China has invested a lot of human and material resources to try to seize the leading position in 3G technology and radio communication, but the effect is not ideal. Maybury is a technology consulting company located in Beijing. Its boss, mark. Netakin said: in the field of science and technology, China has always been a follower. For a long time, what China can do is to introduce foreign advanced technology at a high cost, sometimes even the technology that has been eliminated by developed countries. China is trying to establish its own industry standards and force other countries to follow suit, changing its unfavorable position as a follower. IOT is a brand-new field. For this reason, China can have the opportunity to be on the same starting line with other countries, and may even lead

Luo believes that there are three driving forces behind the rapid development of China IOT. First of all, due to the impact of the economic crisis, Chinese research institutions have received government investment and support that are beyond the reach of other peers in the world. Secondly, the development of IOT is also a consideration of the government for its own interests. Thirdly, I think China's economy has developed to a mature stage. It is no longer synonymous with 'cheap labor' or a breeding ground for marginal industries. On the contrary, China is eager to develop its own independent national brands and build a business and technology Empire like Google and apple with its own strength

Luo's company has sold a total of 500 network technology mirrors. At present, the company is developing a chair that can identify users and record personal health data in real time. Luo said: with the further development of complex and new materials, even the benchmark and model in the product design industry have to make corresponding changes to adapt to the times. It's time to say goodbye to those classic design concepts that have been followed

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