How to repair the most fire valve seat

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How to repair the valve seat of belt tension machine with micro DC servo motor as the power source

the crack resistance of concrete is determined by the cracking degree of the side of the test piece. The repair of valve seat is:

l) the valve seat ring has cracks, and the corresponding structure of the single arm structure is that the working surface of the door structure is worn too wide, which exceeds 2mm, then the valve seat ring should be re inserted. The seat ring can be made of heat-resistant alloy steel Crl2MoV

when replacing the seat ring, pry it out with a flat shovel or pull it out with a special puller. If there is no seat ring hole on the cylinder block, use a special drill to drill the seat ring hole on the drilling machine. The roundness and cylindricity tolerance is 0.015mm, and the inner wall should be smooth

the seat ring can be inserted by cold shrinking the seat ring (placing the seat ring in a cold box at minus 70 ℃ or cooling with liquid nitrogen) or thermal expansion of the seat ring. Thermal expansion method is to heat the cylinder block to about 100 ℃, apply sealant to the seat ring, pad it with soft metal, and punch the seat ring into the seat hole

2) ream the valve seat if you have other questions. When spots and depressions appear on the working surface of the valve seat due to ablation, reaming shall be carried out. Valve seat reamer is usually used to ream valve seat. A pair of valve seat reamers is composed of guide rods, handles and several reamers with different diameters and angles

when reaming, select the appropriate reamer guide rod according to the inner diameter of the valve guide, so that the reamer guide rod inserted into the valve guide can determine the axis, so as to ensure the coaxiality of the reamed valve seat axis and the axis of the valve guide. When reaming, first ream with a coarse blade reamer to remove defects such as ablation and spots; During fine reaming, a 45 ° (the angle of the valve working surface is 45 °) fine blade reamer or the reamer is padded with fine sandpaper for fine reaming and polishing to reduce the roughness of the contact surface

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