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Which is better, Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13, Ruilong version or Huawei matebook14? Is there a big difference

Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13, the Raptor version and Huawei matebook14 are two light-weight notebooks that are popular in the market. Their main differences are that the screen appearance and size are different. The screen of Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 adopts a resolution of 2.5k, which is better than the image quality, and the size is 13.3 inches. Huawei matebook14 adopts a resolution of 2K, which is 14 inches. The overall hardware configuration of the two notebooks is the same. If you like touch screen, If you like multi screen collaboration, Huawei matebook14 is recommended. If you are looking for cost performance and better screen quality, Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 is recommended

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Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 Reebok version

Huawei matebook14

I. Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 Reebok version quotation and comment:

1. Reference price: ¥ 4999.00 (check JD. Com's latest activity quotation)

2 User comments: it runs fast and can easily cope with general office use. I don't know the professional one very well. The screen display is clear, the picture is perfect, and the heat dissipation is also good. I haven't played games for a long time. It's good-looking, ultra-thin and super loving. I give 99 points in terms of appearance. I'm afraid of being proud. I use appearance to describe it. The logistics speed is very fast. It's right to choose it

Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 Ruilong version

II. Huawei matebook14 quotation and comments:

1. Reference price: ¥ 6399.00 (check the details of's latest activity quotation)

2. User comments: Huawei is too powerful. This new notebook entity is first-hand, very high-end, elegant, light and compact in size, not heavy at all, and the color is also very texture and good-looking. There is a lot more in it. WSU explained that it is willing to create another business card made in China, one belt and one road. After the proposal was put forward, it is the touch function. As long as the new Huawei is placed on the induction sign of Huawei share's built batch of new material industry gathering area, it can link computers to implement synchronous transmission on the same screen. It's too fun and convenient, which also means that you need to buy a Huawei computer at the same time of buying a Huawei computer. Hahaha, and the model can't be too long? The running speed is super smooth and the delivery speed is super fast! The mouse is also great. It looks good with matching

Huawei matebook14


Lenovo Xiaoxin pro13 Raptor version and Huawei matebook14 are generally worth starting with, mainly because of their different appearance and screen size. Lenovo Xiaoxin 13 is relatively higher in cost performance. In terms of mobile office black technology, Huawei matebook14 is more reasonable, reliable and durable, which is worth starting with

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