BASF, who is most familiar with chopsticks theory,

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BASF, who is well versed in the "chopsticks theory", has established cooperative relations with many enterprises

a chopstick is easy to be broken, and a pair of chopsticks together can be broken even if you are as strong as a bull. This is the power of "cooperation". In the fierce market competition environment, in order to enable enterprises to survive and develop for a long time, in addition to strengthening their own strength, it is also the best policy for enterprises to expand their own strength through "strong alliance". BASF is well versed in the "chopsticks theory" and is more and more stable on the road of finding partners

well versed in the "chopsticks theory", BASF has established cooperative relations with many enterprises

BASF and Haier

BASF and Haier will work together to establish a new innovation laboratory in Qingdao to provide customers with high-quality polyurethane based solutions. Located in Haier Industrial Park, the laboratory will mainly engage in joint R & D projects and be responsible for testing and quality control of polyurethane based household appliances such as water heaters, so as to further enhance the new cooperation between the two companies with a certain difference between the original and actual test values

the new laboratory brings together the expertise of the two partners, and the two sides will improve operational efficiency by using shared resources. This cooperation will help improve many quality indicators of polyurethane products to meet the growing demand of consumers for energy-saving and efficient household appliances

In late June, sun Zhipeng, general manager of Jinzhou titanium company, and Liu Guoxing, deputy general manager of Jinzhou titanium company, went to BASF Group's Shanghai management center to conduct business exchanges with Marita Dekker, the group's global procurement director, and senior management in China on further promoting cooperation between the two sides

Mr. Marita spoke highly of the leading role of Jinzhou titanium industry in the development process of domestic titanium dioxide by chlorination, and expressed great expectation for the two sides to realize cooperation as soon as possible and establish a long-term and stable cooperative relationship in the field of BASF global automotive paint and latex paint. The two sides discussed the current progress of product testing and the way of cooperation. Sun Zhipeng expressed the hope that the two sides would further enhance understanding, expand business cooperation and establish a good business and technical cooperation relationship

BASF and Dongfang Yuhong

on the morning of June 12, Dr. Zheng Daqing, senior vice president of BASF worldwide, and his delegation made a special trip to Dongfang Yuhong, where they had talks with Mr. Xiang Jinming, President of Dongfang Yuhong, and others, and exchanged views on further cooperation

As a global chemical enterprise, BASF regards Dongfang Yuhong as its important strategic partner. The purpose of this special visit is to deepen the mutual understanding between the senior management of both sides and maintain a good strategic cooperative relationship; The second is to push 12 Range mode: full range and non gear dynamic, in-depth cooperation between Dongfang Yuhong and BASF in various business fields; Third, carry out in-depth exchanges for the cooperation of global R & D projects

Mr. Xiang Jinming said in the meeting that the cooperation between Dongfang Yuhong and BASF (China) began in 1998. After nearly 20 years of strategic cooperation, the cooperative relationship between the two sides has gradually stabilized; In the future, we also hope to strengthen cooperation with BASF in technology research and development. We believe that the cooperation between the two sides will contribute to the domestic market in terms of technical norms, talent training, technical education and so on. He also suggested that the two sides form a regular exchange mechanism and jointly develop new products and new markets in the field of Pan building materials

Dr. Zheng Daqing said that the two sides have reached a high degree of tacit understanding in the in-depth cooperation. BASF is happy to maintain long-term cooperation with such excellent enterprises as Dongfang Yuhong. BASF will always keep up with the development pace of Dongfang Yuhong. On the basis of maintaining the supply of high-quality products, BASF will develop innovative products to meet the demand. The two sides can establish a joint research and development, testing platform, and work together to promote the progress of building waterproof technology in China

familiar with the "chopsticks theory" BASF has established cooperative relations with many enterprises

BASF and Herbalife

from June 6 to 7, Herbalife and BASF successfully held an exchange meeting on the theme of "innovation and win-win results". During the meeting, BASF and hongbaoli participants brainstormed on the current state of the industry, and the fierce discussion was fully "responded". In addition to the common industries of both sides, the exchange field of this activity also includes human resources, marketing, society and other aspects. Such extensive and in-depth exchanges have proved the confidence of "co creation" between BASF and Herbalife

at the exchange meeting, hongbaoli signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BASF and awarded BASF the medal of "excellent supplier". As vice president Zheng Daqing said at the exchange meeting, he very much agrees with the development concept of Herbalife, and hopes that BASF and Herbalife will have a long-term cooperation. This Exchange opened the door to the in-depth cooperation between BASF and hongbaoli and laid the foundation for the continuous cooperation between the two sides

BASF and Sinopec

Yangzi Petrochemical BASF Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yangba company") announced that they would increase the production capacity of propionic acid by 30000 tons/year. The new unit is expected to be put into operation in 2019 to meet the growing demand. This investment demonstrates the confidence of Sinopec and BASF in the development of the Asia Pacific region and the Chinese market

the company is a joint venture established by Sinopec and BASF at a ratio of 50:50 shares. Yangba company has a complete propionic acid production plant in Nanjing and is a major propionic acid manufacturer in China and the world. After expansion, the total annual production capacity of propionic acid of Yangba company can reach 69000 tons

this investment is a new start of the strategic cooperation between SINOPEC and BASF during the 13th Five Year Plan period. It is an industrial adjustment and upgrading project to meet people's needs for food safety. It meets the overall requirements of supply side structural reform, and once again demonstrates the good investment environment in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province and the confidence of the two companies in market development. At the same time, this expansion will also help BASF provide important intermediate chemicals for the market, reduce feed and food waste, and push the sustainable development of two grippers on the movable gripper seat

BASF and Thomson Beijian

on the evening of May 23, Thomson Beijian (300146) announced that in order to continue to focus on the innovative research and development of "new functions, new raw materials and new technologies" and further promote the upgrading of personalized products and health management services for consumers in the industry, the company signed a ten-year "research and development strategic cooperation agreement" with BASF se, BASF personal care and nutrition GmbH (hereinafter collectively referred to as "BASF"), Establish cooperation on scientific research and development and market application of precision nutrition

according to this R & D strategic cooperation agreement, in the future, Thomson Beijian and BASF will give full play to their respective advantages in products and raw materials, jointly develop customized raw materials combined with technology, and carry out technical cooperation and transformation projects related to "precision nutrition". In addition, the two sides will also cooperate in market information sharing, brand activities and other aspects, and actively promote the market education and development of "precision nutrition"

about BASF:

BASF is committed to creating new chemical effects - pursuing a sustainable future. The company combines economic success with social and environmental protection. BASF has about 114000 employees worldwide, contributing to the success of customers in almost all countries and industries. Its products fall into five business areas: chemicals, specialty products, functional materials and solutions, agricultural solutions, oil and natural gas. In 2016, BASF's global sales were about 58 billion euros. BASF's shares are listed on the Frankfurt (BAS), London (BFA) and Zurich (BAS) stock exchanges

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