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Let spring buds bloom in warmth: Yuchai sticks to supporting girls for 8 years

let spring buds bloom in warmth: Yuchai sticks to supporting girls for 8 years

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Guide: on December 20, although the severe winter has come, Yuchai group in the sun makes people feel warm: 500 Spring Bud girls from cities, counties, and township schools in Yulin city received 300 yuan from uncle and aunt Yuchai; Some employees and 63 representatives of Spring Bud girls made a pair hand in hand, so that

on December 20, although the severe winter has come, Yuchai group in the sun makes people feel warm: 500 Spring Bud girls from cities, counties, and township schools in Yulin city received 300 yuan each from uncle and aunt Yuchai; Some employees are "hand in hand" with 63 representatives of Chunlei girls, so that love can continue in children's daily study and life, and let Chunlei bloom in warmth...

enterprises should not only take profit as their highest mission, but should take the noble mission of serving the society and creating happiness for mankind as the core of their corporate culture. Yuchai group, which has been committed to green power for more than 60 years, has donated construction all over the country. Why don't I buy a larger capacity! The customer is wrong to think so. At the same time, hope primary school adhered to the "hand in hand" for 8 years, continued to support the girl's "Spring Bud" action, and donated more than 1.2 million yuan of scholarships. They warm the hearts of Spring Bud girls with their actions and insert "wings of dreams" for them

Zhang Hanbing is a student of Maolin junior middle school in Yudong new area, Yulin city. Before the age of 12, Zhang Hanbing, like all children, had a happy family with parents and grandparents. However, at the age of 12, the magic claw of heaven broke the peace of the family. First, my father died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage, and then my grandmother, who had been paralyzed in bed for a long time, suddenly died of illness, leaving a heavy drug debt. Grandpa suffered from high blood pressure and other diseases due to a series of blows, and the burden of the whole family was on his mother's weak shoulders... After Zhang Hanbing's brother entered high school, his family was even more in need, so reading has become the extravagant hope of brother and sister. Just when Zhang Hanbing and his brother and sister vied to give up the opportunity to study, Yuchai people came to Zhang Hanbing and extended a helping hand to her

"help a spring bud, strive for a spring glory; help a schoolboy, win a piece of hope." Since 2012, Yuchai's "Spring Bud Plan" assistance activities have been enriched and innovative. In addition to a one-time subsidy of 300 yuan per poor girl, more than 80 cadres and workers in Yuchai have spontaneously formed 26 assistance groups to provide "one-to-one" and "many to one" assistance to 55 "Spring Bud" girls in special difficulties

Liang Lingyu, a student of No.2 Middle School in Dali Town, Beiliu City, and Chen Meimei, a student of No.1 Middle School in Beiliu City, unfortunately became orphans due to the death of their parents. Facing the pressure of life, they wanted to give up their studies and go out to work several times. Zhao Guoqin, the director of Yuchai foundry, learned about them through the trade union and the school, and resolutely took them as their "hand in hand" objects, encouraging them to face difficulties bravely and firmly. On December 25th, 2012, Zhao Guoqin met Liang Lingyu and Chen Meimei for the first time. Looking at the thin faces of Liang Lingyu and Chen Meimei due to malnutrition, Zhao Guoqin secretly wiped his tears and turned around to give each person a subsidy of 200 yuan. On January 20, 2013, the Spring Festival was approaching. Zhao Guoqin used the weekend to visit Liang Lingyu's and Chen Meimei's homes respectively, and sent each family new year's items such as oil, rice cakes, milk, cookies, drinks, and 200 yuan per person as a financial aid. On May 6, 2013, with the high school entrance examination approaching, Zhao Guoqin came to the school where the two spring bud girls were studying, talked with them, cheered them on, and also sent milk, cereal and other nutrients and 200 yuan financial aid. The efforts paid off, and the two spring bud girls finally got admitted to the local key high school with excellent results. Zhao Guoqin was so happy that he quickly rewarded the two girls with 500 yuan each and gave them two new skirts and a sportswear

Gao Liping, a spring bud girl in Bobai County, has been living a very difficult life because of her father's bad eyes and mother's poor health. In 2012, after the winter solstice, Yulin was still chilly, but Gao Liping searched every corner of the house and couldn't find a pair of good shoes. Finally, wearing her best shoes - a pair of sandals, she came to the donation site of Yuchai Spring Bud girl. Due to long-term freezing, gaoliping high-speed railway spiral tendon tension and compression test-bed can accurately test and analyze the tension, pressure, displacement, stiffness, etc. of various precision springs such as cylindrical spring, disc spring, tower spring, snap spring, leaf spring, special-shaped spring, etc. several holes have been opened in the heel. Zhuang Gongrong, deputy secretary of the Party branch of Yuchai property company, saw it and immediately bought a pair of warm shoes for Gao Liping to wear...

from publishing corporate social reports for seven consecutive years, to being the "controller of China's largest active pollution source" as its own responsibility, to donating hope primary schools and rewarding those who have done good deeds, Yuchai has always practiced the concept of "green development, harmony and win-win" with the conscience of an enterprise, Make more and more Yuchai builders devote themselves to the activities of giving love

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