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Price increase letters have snowballed in. Paper enterprises are playing with the "price increase package"

release date: Source: Jinling Evening News

with the advent of the traditional peak season, recently, price increase letters from paper enterprises have snowballed in. Different from the previous delivery at the end of the month, the paper mill is released in the middle and early ten days of the month, and the time node of price adjustment is set at the middle of the month. Some even issued the price increase letter at the beginning of next month at the same time. It is planned to increase the price by 300/ton in the middle of the month, and then by 200/ton at the beginning of next month. It is understood that some price increase letters from paper mills are still on the way and are expected to be sent one after another in the near future

paper enterprises play the "price increase package"

public information shows that recently, Chenming Group, sun paper, Huatai Paper, Yueyang Paper and MCC paper Galaxy Co., Ltd. jointly announced that from September 15 or 16, cultural paper will be increased by 300/ton, and these products will be increased by 200/ton again from October 1. In addition, Dahe paper announced that the price adjustment range of the whole line of products will be no less than 300/ton from September 26, and no less than 200/ton one month later

in addition to playing the price raising package of "one up, one free", some paper enterprises simply "reach the target in one step". The latest news is that the scale paper factory sent a letter again, planning to increase the social card by 500/ton and the food card by 300/ton on October 1. This has been the second wave of price increases for paper mills. Earlier, Chenming paper has announced that since August 25, the price of white card and copper plate card products will be adjusted by 500/ton according to the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator. The reason given is that it is affected by operating costs

see the 500/ton price increase letter in the market, and some market participants lamented that "it seems that 2017 will reappear". It is understood that cultural paper includes coated paper, double offset paper, light coated paper and paper. White card paper can be divided into social card, cigarette card and food card. It is worth mentioning that just last week, some paper enterprises in the household paper market also issued price increase letters again, and they had plans to raise prices/ton in late September

"golden nine and silver ten" peak season is approaching

for the major paper enterprises to send intensive letters, zhuochuang information analyst Xu Ling said that the rise in the price of cultural paper is mainly supported by the following aspects: on the supply side, in terms of coated paper, the current market supply is slightly tight, manufacturers' orders are stable, inventory pressure is general, and in addition to the early paper mill downtime, the output has decreased year-on-year; On the demand side, affected by the "golden nine and silver ten", the demand for coated paper is relatively stable. In terms of double offset paper, the later publishing house will conduct paper bidding for teaching aids in spring 2021, which is a rigid demand

in terms of synergy, at present, the price of cultural paper is at a low level, the profitability of paper mills is general, and the sentiment of pulling up is relatively strong. It is reported that at present, the concentration of coated paper industry is high, and the market share of the top four leading enterprises is as high as 89%. If paper enterprises uniformly raise prices, downstream customers are relatively easy to accept. In addition, in terms of the error raw materials that constitute a great consequence of the experiment in the upstream, the imported wood pulp reported an increase of US $/ton, which also added a little confidence to the paper enterprises

as for white paperboard, its downstream demand is stable. Especially recently, the new national "plastic limit order" was issued and the new "solid waste law" was implemented. White paperboard has been accused of meeting huge incremental market space and has always been the "vanguard" of price rise

it is learned that as soon as the price increase letter of the paper mill is implemented, the market price of dealers has also increased, with a range of/ton

the market wait-and-see mood is not reduced

a researcher from a securities firm in Shanghai bluntly said that at present, the collective price hike mood of paper mills is relatively strong, and some paper mills have expressed their attitude that they will continue to raise prices in the later stage, and some paper mills' price hike letters will be on the way

however, insiders contacted also said that at present, most mid autumn orders have ended, and upstream customers are acceptable for the price rise. However, due to the fact that there is no large increase in terminal demand in late September and October, terminal demand is general, multidimensional holds rigid demand, and there is no intention to prepare goods in advance. The follow-up of new orders is limited, and the market wait-and-see mood is still unabated

for the future market, the mentality of operators is different. Some operators are bullish in the future, indicating that the market concentration is high, the paper mills are willing to save and pull up, and in addition to the increase in demand in the peak season, the price may still rise in the later period. Some operators hold a wait-and-see attitude, saying that the current positive support is insufficient, mainly along with the market. Although the paper mills are actively working together to pull up, the dealers are not optimistic about the implementation of the pull up. In fact, some dealers have room to negotiate the actual transaction price in order to reduce inventory

Gao Yan, an analyst at zhuochuang paper, said that due to demand, paper prices may rise slowly, but some paper mills have strong synergy, and the market as a whole will maintain a slow upward movement. The computer tensile testing machine produced by former Jinan Shijin meets the manufacturing standard of testing machine gb/t16491 ⑴ 996 "electronic universal testing machine standard". The researcher also said that the industry is gradually digested by the continuation of peak season and early inventory, and the superposition of domestic economy and overseas demand recovery will also promote the continuation of industry prosperity, and the profit of cultural paper in the second half of the year will be further repaired

from the perspective of the rising space of the target price of the stock price predicted by the institution compared with the latest closing price, the consensus prediction of the institution for the rising space of the four stocks in the industry is more than 20%, namely, Zhongshun jierou, Xianhe shares, Shanying paper and Bohui paper. The predicted rising space of the stock price is 44.78%, 4 respectively, so the prospect is extremely broad, 0.4%, 35.53% and 20.26%

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