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Baomi intelligent air purifier cmi300a cmi300b cmi300d how to comment on the evaluation introduction

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recently, my family bought this Baomi intelligent air purifier formaldehyde removal master household formaldehyde removal PM2.5, which has been used for a period of time. Let's talk about my use experience and comments as follows:

I have bought various purifiers, Until I bought a leopard rice, I only bought a leopard rice. I bought a lot of leopard rice one after another. I feel that there are many benefits: 1. The PM2.5 displayed by leopard rice is a laser reading, which is very accurate, but not for Xiaomi. It is not allowed to have the national first-class experimental machine technology and talents. Just imagine, if you don't know how much PM2.5 your home is, should you open it or not? 2. Baomi is very quiet, and the biggest wind is just the sound of the wind. 3. Don't buy any sharp Philips. It doesn't speed up a few thousand yuan at all. Taking industry, University and research as the basic value, it's not as good as Baomi. What plasma anions are ozone, which is harmful to the body, so it's better to Baomi without these useless deceptive functions. 4. Personally, I think black and white are very good, which are better than wood grain color. Of course, this is my personal point of view. Reprint other friends to use comments to share with later friends for reference

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