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Lesson 17 thread cutting compound cycle

4) thread cutting compound cycle

(G76) g78c (m) r (R) e (E) a (a) x (U} Z (W) l (I) K (k) U (d) V (△ Dmin (6) gear rod twists) Q (△ d) P (P) f) therefore, the research at home and abroad in recent years has gradually shifted from single 1 fiber to hybrid fiber (L)

see the figure, where

m is the number of finishing turns (1-99). Because the manipulator can process products with complex shapes very quickly

f, which is the z-axis length of thread ending, is the increment value

at present, some screw rods of tensile strength testing machines on the market are T-shaped ordinary screw rods and gapless ball screw rods θ、 Is the length of the thread ending X axis, which is the increment value

α、 Is the thread profile angle, that is, the tool tip angle. It can be selected from the six angles of 80, 60, 55, 30, 29 and 0.

u is the x-axis coordinate value of the thread end point C in the absolute command; it is the thread end point C in the incremental command, and the distance relative to the cycle start point a in the X sleeve direction

w, is the z-axis coordinate value of thread end point C in absolute command: is the distance between thread end point C and cycle start point a in z-axis in incremental command

i is the radius difference between the starting point B and the ending point C of the thread

k refers to the height of thread profile, which is the radius value

d refers to the finishing allowance, which is the radius value

△ DMLn, is the minimum cutting depth. That is, when the depth △ D (-), is less than this value for the several times of cutting, this value is used for cutting, which is the radius value.

△ D, D, is the first cutting depth, which is the radius value.

i, is the thread lead (the same as G32)

the figure shows the distribution of depth of cut in thread circular machining

for example: (see Figure)


n1 G92 X100 z110

n2 m03

n3 G91 X-10 z-5

n4 g78 c2r-3e1.3a60x-30.598 z-751, 7.5k1.299u0.1 v0.2q0.9 f2

n5 G90 X100 z110 m05

n6 M30

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