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Lenovo Tiangong industrial control product warranty service policy

Lenovo industrial computer machine warranty service policy (applicable to industrial computer machines manufactured after September 1st, 2004) Dear customer: Hello! Thank you for purchasing Lenovo industrial computer products! In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests and eliminate your worries, Lenovo (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Lenovo) makes the following standard warranty service commitments for Lenovo industrial computer products to you, and provides them to you when you need them: 1 Three year warranty service and one year free door-to-door service: since the date of purchasing Lenovo industrial computer products, Lenovo will provide you with free warranty service according to the following table if the following components have hardware failures within three years. Component classification component name free maintenance period service mode host main part backplane, CPU card, CPU, memory, power supply, display card, video compression card, hard disk free door-to-door service for three years (including) from the date of purchase and for the first year (including) from the date of purchase In the second and third years, the customer sent the main parts for repair: CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, CPU fan, keyboard, mouse, one year (including) from the date of purchase, one year (including) from the date of purchase, free door-to-door service accessories, random data, power cord and connecting wire in the chassis, chassis, indicator light, switch Chassis fans and other leading industries continue to develop. Three months (including) from the date of purchase. Three months (including) from the date of purchase. The customer sends the peripheral display CRT display (excluding the base) for repair. Three years (including) from the date of purchase. One year (including) from the date of purchase. Free door-to-door service for the second year In the third year, the customer sends the LCD for repair within 15 months (including) from the date of purchase, and within 15 months (including) from the date of purchase, the free door-to-door service software (including software media) comes with the software 3 months (including) from the date of purchase, and the customer sends the LCD for repair within 3 months (including) from the date of purchase 2.5 # 215; 8-hour expert, 7x8 hour service response: if there are relevant technical problems to consult, Lenovo provides expert consultation: 0755 -, and professional engineers answer the problems in the use of industrial computer products, fault judgment and scheme consultation. If there is a need for maintenance service, Lenovo sunshine Service Agency will provide you with 7x8 hours of service response. 3. Quick response and quick repair: during the free warranty period of the host from the date of purchase, if you encounter equipment hardware failure, you can contact the local Lenovo sunshine Service Organization (see the attached table for contact information). Lenovo will respond to the customer's request within 4 hours. If it is determined that the hardware failure is found, Lenovo will provide you with on-site service or repair service by referring to the above table. Lenovo will strive to repair the faulty machine within 3 working days. If it cannot be repaired in time due to special reasons, Lenovo will negotiate a solution with you. For cities and prefectures where Lenovo has no local service agencies, you can complete one experiment and choose paid on-site service. You need to pay: round-trip transportation, accommodation, and RMB300/person day on-site service fee You can also choose to send the faulty machine to the nearest service institution You will receive free maintenance service. 4. After sales service confirmation procedures: you need to prepare the corresponding purchase invoice and warranty certificate. If you can't provide any warranty certificate, Lenovo will query the production date of the product according to the host number of the product, and provide warranty service based on the production date that can be queried. If you can't get the valid information of the product, Lenovo will not provide free warranty service. 5. Warranty of repaired industrial computer products: the repaired industrial computer products will continue to enjoy this warranty service policy within the original warranty period. If the free warranty period is less than three months from the date of repair, Lenovo promises to extend the free warranty service period to three months from the date of repair (this clause is only limited to the main parts in the host). 6. The following faults or damages, whether within the free warranty period or not, are not included in the free warranty 1) Products without associative logo due to the centering effect of ball head; 2) The product has exceeded the warranty period; 3) Failure or damage caused by incorrect installation, storage and use not in accordance with the instructions; 4) Failure or damage caused by non Lenovo certification service organization or designated channel personnel, installation, repair, change or disassembly; 5) Failure or damage caused by the use of non Lenovo product parts; 6. The material is characterized by cool texture and thermal conductivity like pottery 1) failure or damage caused by accidental factors or human factors (including computer viruses, handling, extrusion, collision, scratch, impact, high temperature, improper input voltage, corrosion, etc.); 7) Failure or damage caused by the use of non-standard or unpublished software; 8) Failure or damage caused by natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquake, fire, etc.); 9) Other failures or damages not caused by product design, technology, manufacturing, quality and other problems. 7. Special reminder 1) this commitment is only applicable to Lenovo industrial computer products sold and purchased within the territory of the people's Republic of China (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). 2) This commitment is only applicable to Lenovo products sold after September 1st, 2004 (inclusive). For products sold before this date, please refer to the standard warranty service commitment issued by Lenovo in the same period. 3) The purchase invoice and warranty card shall be filled in with the purchase date, product model, serial number of the machine body and stamped with the official seal of the seller. 4) The number published in this warranty commitment may change according to the changes of telecommunication network or other objective factors. Please refer to the latest consultation number published by Lenovo Group. 5) If there is any change in the relevant terms of this standard warranty commitment, please log in to Lenovo Tiangong industrial control station for help without prior notice. 6) This standard warranty service commitment is only applicable to the components configured at the factory of the industrial computer products you purchased. When you purchase industrial computer products, all non Lenovo components installed by the seller for you shall be guaranteed by the Seller itself; Lenovo will not undertake all commitments made by the seller to you other than this warranty. Please ask the seller for a written certificate when purchasing the machine to ensure that the seller's additional commitments to you can be fulfilled. 7) If the national laws and regulations change, Lenovo will provide you with after-sales service in accordance with the national laws and regulations; For the losses caused to you by the faults that can be attributed to Lenovo according to law, Lenovo or Lenovo sellers will bear the corresponding liabilities according to their contracts with you and the provisions of relevant national laws and regulations. 8) Please back up the data you think important in time. Lenovo will not bear any compensation caused by the damage or loss of data, programs or removable storage media. 9) During the free warranty period, the spare parts replaced by maintenance shall be new or equivalent to the performance of new spare parts, and the replaced defective spare parts shall be owned by Lenovo. Lenovo sunshine Service Station:

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