The hottest LETV will be reborn, but the world has

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LETV will be reborn! However, the world has changed for a long time.

LETV, which once entered the top four in the domestic TV market share and had a huge impact on the domestic TV market, abruptly stopped its development in 2017 due to the financial problems of LETV, However, in April this year, LETV Zhixin (formerly LETV Zhixin), which is responsible for LETV's compliance with jb/t8521.1 (2) 007 woven sling safety Part 1: general purpose synthetic fiber flat sling and JBT 8521.2 (2) 007 woven sling safety Part 2: general purpose synthetic fiber round sling mechanical testing requirements, successfully carried out a new round of financing, and TCL,, Suning and other giants participated in the investment, LETV seems to be reborn, but the market is no longer what it used to be

China's TV market has changed

in 2016, the shipment of LETV TV was as high as 6million units, doubling year-on-year growth. Its fierce growth momentum had a huge impact on domestic traditional TV enterprises. However, in 2017, due to the financial problems of LETV, the shipment of LETV TV fell rapidly. In the first half of the year, according to the TV market data of the Chinese market released by group intelligence consulting, the shipment of LETV TV was only about 1million units

in 2017, LETV's shipments fell continuously. Sharp was the fastest growing domestic TV market, and in the first half of the year, sharp ranked seventh in China's TV market share. Sharp TV's rise in the Chinese TV market has a lot to do with its fierce price war. It announced a price cut of 30% at the beginning of 2017. With the good reputation of sharp TV's brand among Chinese users, Mr. Gao said, it quickly won the welcome of Chinese consumers

another player that grabbed the market share vacated by LETV is Xiaomi. According to the data of Qunzhi consulting, Xiaomi ranked 11th in the domestic TV market share in the first half of 2017. Since the second half of 2017, Xiaomi TV has gradually become the leader of Internet TV brands and continued to soar. By the first quarter of this year, Xiaomi even believed that it had ranked among the top three in the domestic TV market share, It also claimed to be the leader in the domestic TV market share in April this year

under the influence of LETV, Xiaomi TV, etc., traditional TV companies Skyworth, TCL, Konka, etc. have released their own Internet TV brands. They rely on the advantages of the original industrial chain in terms of cost control, and are more willing to sacrifice profits for market share. At present, in terms of price, these traditional TV brands' Internet TV brands kktv Cool coordinates consumer demands and improves user experience. The price of Internet TV sold by open TV is even more competitive than that of Xiaomi

LETV faces many difficulties in its rebirth

the problems of LETV system have had a serious negative impact on the LETV brand due to the impact of the Internet, which has led to a rapid decline in the shipment of LETV. Now even with the support of new investment institutions, LETV needs to spend great efforts to polish its signboard and revitalize users' confidence in LETV, which has great uncertainty for its redevelopment and business development

LETV has had a serious impact on the supply chain. Due to this storm, factories in the current era tend to be cautious about providing services for Internet TV brands. It is difficult for Internet TV enterprises to pay to the OEM and the industrial chain after receiving the payment for selling TV as before. If LETV hopes to revive its business today, the industrial chain will certainly maintain a more cautious attitude towards LETV, It will cause heavy financial pressure on LETV

in the TV market, traditional TV enterprises are gradually recognizing the weaknesses and advantages of Internet TV brands. In terms of cost control, Internet TV does not seem to be stronger than traditional TV enterprises. The content advantages of Internet TV have also been weakened after traditional TV enterprises began to build their own content platforms. Youku and iqiyi, which have video content in China, are also willing to cooperate with many TV enterprises, This is improving the competitiveness of traditional TV enterprises

the overcapacity of LCD panels has led to the continuous decline of prices, while the larger the sales volume of traditional TV enterprises is, which is conducive to them obtaining more bargaining power with panel manufacturers, reducing the sensitivity of panel detectors and reducing the purchase price with the increase of the detection range, which is obviously unfavorable to the Internet TV enterprises that are still small, and even more unfavorable to LETV

Le Rong Zhixin was once considered the best asset in LETV. After more than a year of tossing and turning, the brand value has been greatly impacted. Under the situation that the domestic TV market has changed significantly, it is obviously not easy for LETV to regain its momentum

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