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Heavy! BASF signs a memorandum of intent here

heavy! BASF signs a memorandum of intent here

Recently, BASF Shanghai paint Co., Ltd. and Changchun municipal government signed a memorandum of intent on cooperation. BASF plans to establish a Northeast regional settlement and logistics center in Changchun. This move will further strengthen the close cooperation between BASF and Changchun, take the opportunity of exploring the northeast region, continue to take root in the northeast, and continue to innovate and develop

in recent years, Changchun has launched the construction of a production service-oriented national logistics hub, comprehensively deepened the pilot of innovative development of service trade, and highlighted the development of key areas such as scientific and technological services and industrial design. Producer services account for more than 50% of coatings. BASF has been deeply engaged in auto parts and modern agriculture for many years, and can cooperate extensively with Changchun

"I hope BASF Group will take this signing as a starting point to pragmatically promote the construction of projects between the two sides, expand the field of cooperation, especially in the construction of Changchun International Automobile City and the promotion of agricultural and rural modernization, so as to speed up cooperation and achieve common development. Changchun will spare no effort to create a good development environment for enterprises and provide more professional, refined and efficient services." Zhang Zhijun emphasized

stimulate fast and stable

ZHENG Daqing, senior vice president of BASF global, "Since 2020, Changchun has taken the lead in resuming work and production, leading the Northeast in economic growth, which has strengthened the confidence and determination of investors to integrate into the comprehensive revitalization and all-round revitalization of Changchun. Gongzhuling is under the custody of Changchun, Changchun International Automobile City is accelerated, FAW Hongqi new energy and other large projects are located, which makes investors see the broad development prospects of Changchun."

it is reported that in 2021, Changchun will further implement the innovation driven strategy, deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, dynamically display the experimental load value, displacement value, deformation value, experimental duration and various experimental curves when the innovation chain can be tested, adopt computer to stop data processing and analysis, lay out the industrial chain around the innovation chain, and accelerate the formation of a good trend of innovation leading high-quality development. Adhere to improving the level of the whole industrial chain as the main direction, accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system, and strive to form a new pattern of multi-point support, multi industry development and diversified development

Zheng Daqing said, "as a well-known multinational enterprise deeply engaged in the fields of auto parts and modern agriculture, BASF is willing to seek cooperation with Changchun in automobile, environmental protection, agriculture, rail cars and other fields to achieve the same frequency resonance and promote the sustainable and high-quality development of both sides."

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