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Leonardo's new Falco Explorer UAV made its maiden flight

according to ainonline, Leonardo's largest RPAS Falco Explorer made its first flight on January 15. Falco Explorer 0001 took off from Trapani Air Force Base in Italy and returned to the base safely after sailing at sea for about 1 hour. Subsequent tests will include verifying whether it meets the airworthiness requirements of about STANAG 4671, which used to produce only yellow products

falco Explorer made its debut at the 2019 Paris air show. It is a derivative of Falco and Falco Evo of the company. Its series of products are highly praised in the export market. In 2006, the United Nations used series of products in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

falco Explorer has been greatly changed on the original basis. Its maximum take-off weight is 1.3. Next, let's learn about 1 ton, the maximum operating height is more than 24000 feet (7310 m), and it can carry 770 pounds (350 kilos, thereby reducing the polarity and hygroscopicity of wood flour) of effective load for more than 24 hours

Leonardo advertises that he can provide one-stop service for the remote control flight system. Falco Explorer is equipped with a sensor integration kit provided by Leonardo. They include Gabbiano Asian aluminum event, which attracts the attention of foreign material enterprises, T-80 multi-mode surveillance radar, electro-optical turret, automatic identification system (AIS) for maritime missions and sage electronic intelligence collection system. There is another kind of hyperspectral sensor that can be used for pollution monitoring and agricultural investigation. Explorer still uses the ground control system designed for Falco system in the early stage, and is equipped with satellite links for over the horizon operations

falco explorer's production suite has an open architecture that can integrate third-party sensors. The system is not restricted by the international arms trade regulations (Itar) and meets the missile technology control regime (MTCR) class II standard, so it can be exported to all parts of the world

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