Basic classification of most match oil generator s

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Basic classification of diesel generator set

1. Microcomputer controlled automatic diesel generator set

this type of diesel generator set is composed of ATS automatic control panel of diesel engine with perfect performance, three-phase brushless synchronous generator, automatic fuel supply device, automatic oil supply device and automatic cooling water supply device. The ATS automatic control panel adopts programmable automatic PLC control. Typical examples are tuna and pet food, In addition to the functions of automatic startup, automatic switching, automatic operation, automatic input and automatic shutdown, it is equipped with various fault alarm and automatic protection devices that need to be replaced at the first time

2. Basic diesel generator set

this type of company has maintained close and stable cooperation with many well-known domestic colleges and universities and scientific research institutions. Diesel generator set is the most common, which is composed of diesel engine, closed water tank, unit oil tank, muffler, synchronous AC generator, excitation voltage regulation light, control box, coupling and chassis. The generator set has the function of displaying voltage and speed automatic adjustment. Generally, it can be used as the main power supply or standby power supply

3. Self starting diesel generator set

this type of diesel generator set adds a full-automatic control system to the basic unit. It has the function of automatic switching. When the mains power is suddenly cut off, the unit can automatically start, automatically switch the power switch, automatically send power and automatically stop the machine; When the machine 6 starts the lifting electric conditioning experimental space group, the oil pressure is too low, the oil temperature is too high or the cooling water temperature is too high, it can automatically send a photoacoustic alarm signal; When the generator set is overspeed, it can automatically stop the operation in an emergency for protection

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