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Nowadays, house prices remain high, and many working-class friends have little decoration budget left after buying their houses. Therefore, before decoration, they have to comprehensively consider their own budget and preferences, and then determine their affordable decoration style. So, which decoration style saves the most money? Xiaobian will immediately analyze several popular decoration styles for you. You can refer to which one is most suitable for you

which decoration style is the most cost-effective Chinese style

economic index ★

Chinese segmentation pays attention to charm, elegance and atmosphere, and now it is more about using Chinese elements to create a nostalgic atmosphere. For example, traditional furniture (mostly Ming and Qing furniture), calligraphy and painting, plaques, hanging screens, bonsai, porcelain, antiques, screens, Bogu shelves, etc. are used to pursue a life realm of self-cultivation. These furniture soft decoration cannot choose products with poor quality, otherwise it is easy to outsmart oneself, which also determines that the Chinese style is a decoration style with relatively high cost. Economic index: two stars

which decoration style is the most cost-effective mix and match style

economic index ★

consumers who choose to mix and match will have more requirements, for example, they like the unique charm of Chinese style, the brilliance of European style, modern comfort, and the coarseness of Mediterranean &hellip& hellip; For a variety of styles, people have to choose mixed style decoration. The mix and match style tests the aesthetics and patience of the owners and designers. It is well matched, which makes people feel very artistic; It's annoying to look at it if it's not well matched

which decoration style is the most economical pastoral style

economic index ★★★

many girls have a princess dream in their hearts. The European style countryside did not maintain its original natural feeling after it arrived in China, and its rough pastoral feeling was weakened, with the addition of lovely, sweet, romantic, aesthetic and other elements. Pastoral style modeling is slightly more complex than modern simplicity, soft decoration is more important, and the material price is relatively high, so the overall cost of pastoral style is higher than simple style

which decoration style saves the most money? Japanese style

economic index ★★★

Japanese home furnishings apply a large number of natural materials to the decoration and decoration of the room, do not advocate resplendence, take deep Zen as the realm, and pay attention to practical functions. Japanese style is especially integrated with nature, borrowing the external natural scenery to bring infinite vitality to the interior, and special attention is paid to natural texture in the selection of materials. Japanese style is also suitable for small houses. The materials are natural texture, there will not be too many heavy metals, and the cost is relatively economic

which decoration style saves the most money modern simplicity

economic index ★★★★★

although many people say “ Simplicity is not equal to simplicity &rdquo& ldquo; Good simple decoration does not save money ”, But it is undeniable that simple design can indeed reduce the decoration cost. There are two main factors that determine the decoration cost, one is the complexity of the design, and the other is the cost performance of materials. The design, construction and modeling of simple style are relatively simple, and the materials used are also cost-effective. Therefore, when we decide to adopt economic decoration, modern simplicity must be the preferred decoration style

conclusion: the above analyzes the five common decoration styles. Then, which decoration style saves the most money? I believe you have a general understanding after reading the above. The highest money saving index is modern simplicity, followed by Japanese style. The cost of rural style and mixed style is relatively neutral, and the Chinese style is more suitable for the luxury decoration of large houses. You can choose according to your budget





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