Living room decoration of 12 orange and yellow fas

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Xiaobian language: orange and yellow household items in different colors give the living room full of vitality, bring back the pure beauty of nature with the closest contact, add a bright stroke to the mediocre space, make the living room more attractive, break the boredom under the traditional restrictions, and make the whole living room full of vitality

part 1: sofa with orange yellow trend

[mustard yellow — — brocade Nianhua sofa]

Product Name: brocade Nianhua modern fashion combination fabric sofa

product color: mustard yellow

product material: super soft flannelette, imported eucalyptus, 45 density high rebound sponge, Metal feet

Product specification: single person 80*95*64 cm

Product specification: three person 172*95*64 cm

Product specification: imperial concubine 180*92*64 cm

Product specification: rotating single person 85*95*64 cm

Product Price: single person 960.00 yuan

Product Price: three person 2940.00 yuan

Product Price: imperial concubine 2698.00 yuan

Product Price: rotating single person 1598.00 Yuan Yuan

Home special sofa bed fabric Folding sofa bed

mall price: 980 yuan/piece

market price: 1400 yuan/piece

sold: 112 product reviews: ★★★★★ buy now to see more similar products

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