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Home decoration styles are rich and diverse, and people's vision is no longer limited to a certain kind. The American style perfectly integrates the modern elements that are now popular and the European and American style, making it deeply loved by most young people. Ms. Chen in the era of Blu ray coco recently found a model room in American style, hoping to recommend it to her. To this end, Xiaobian specially sorted out the following effect picture display, and hurry to have a look together

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[blue light coco era three bedroom two living room house type map]

house area: 87 square meters

decoration style: American style

mode: package

cost: 130000; (now sign up for free to participate in the Group Decoration activities in the community, and you can enjoy the decoration discount worth 3000 yuan ~ in addition, with the cooperative decoration platform - foreman 360, we will jointly launch the internal purchase fair with Tencent Dachu on October 3. There are all kinds of packages, including full package and half package. There are many discounts ~)

[blue light coco era three bedrooms and two halls American style model room exhibition]

American living room:

the color of the whole living room is mainly light blue, The TV background wall uses a different kind of flower wallpaper, classic brown coffee American floor tiles, which makes the overall color matching of its home coordinated, but it is fresh and natural




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