Details that cannot be ignored in bathroom decorat

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Details that cannot be ignored in bathroom decoration

>& gt;& gt; The key points of bathroom design

the first is the choice of towel rack. Don't buy a towel rack with two poles. You may think it looks good when you buy it, and you can hang two more towels, but that's not the case in practice. Towels for different purposes can't be hung together, that is to say, two towels are hung on one towel rack, and the extra one is unnecessary, but it's still practical

glass shelves should be of good quality

glass shelves for cosmetics in the bathroom should be of good quality. The author once took a bath, and the shower gel was a little heavy. When it was placed on the glass, the quality of the glass clip was poor. If it was loose, the glass would fall down

if the bathroom tiles have waist lines and tiles, you should think about them in advance, and don't block or conflict when other things are installed in the future

if it is paved when the size is not good, it is found that the waist line is low when installing the basin, so the legs of the basin have to be sawn short. If you use toner to match the color of ceramic tile sealant, you'd better debug it first, and then decide the dosage, otherwise it's either too light or too deep

if the slope is larger, the water can run clean quickly

don't pay attention to the ground just because the bathroom is a small place. Be sure to lay good tiles. The slope of the toilet floor should be considered before laying bricks. The slope according to the national standard can not achieve the effect of rapid drainage, and if you use odorproof floor drains or ultra-thin floor drains, it will greatly increase the difficulty of drainage

some people say that the slope is not beautiful, but the slope is larger, and the water can run clean quickly is a very comfortable thing

the cabinet in the bathroom can be customized at the kitchen company, but it should be made with metal feet suspended below, otherwise it will be difficult to repair the leakage in the future, and it is convenient to clean it at ordinary times. The toilet must be waterproof, including the ground and walls. The size of washbasin and faucet should be matched





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