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Now in urban life, the noise is more and more, and the dust is more and more, which is also a great trouble for family life, especially for the elderly at home, it will be extremely unaccustomed and difficult to adapt. A big reason for this is the poor sound insulation effect of windows

the function of soundproof windows is also often seen in our life. It can be said that it is an indispensable part of the living environment. Imagine that if the sound insulation effect is not good, then the outdoor noise will be transmitted to the interior, which is undoubtedly a torture for people who are at home relaxing or working and studying. And the sound insulation windows effectively absorb the sound waves of transparent glass, so that the noise can be effectively isolated, so it has become a necessary building material for the family. The following editor will introduce the sound insulation methods and types of windows& ldquo;

window sound insulation method

1. Refit it into a window sound insulation window

if the windowsill at home is not wide enough, or if you feel that the ventilation performance of adding a layer of sound insulation windows is not good enough, you can also dismantle the original windows and refit a layer of low-frequency sound insulation windows. At present, double-layer hollow windows are mainly used for sound insulation, which can also play a certain role in isolating traffic noise, but the sound insulation effect is worse than adding a layer of sound insulation windows

2. Stick the window sound insulation film

the sound insulation film is a multi-layer structure, and the sound insulation resin is clamped in the middle by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) layer. Particles with heat insulation effect (heat insulation particles) are evenly distributed throughout the middle membrane. When using the sound insulation film on the building, the high-performance intermediate film sandwiched in the middle of the film has the visible light transmission performance, so it will not block the visible light transmittance of the building and maintain a clear line of sight. The window sound insulation film is relatively cheap, and the usage is the same as that of the mobile phone film

3. Install sound insulation curtain

sound insulation curtain is equipped with a curtain box on the top of the inner frame beam installed in the window. The curtain box is equipped with a curtain roll shaft. The curtain roll is installed on the roll shaft and extends out of the curtain box through a through seam at the bottom of the curtain box. The two sides opposite the window are equipped with a curtain chute in which the two sides of the curtain can slide respectively. The bottom platen of the window is equipped with a curtain bottom slot, a through seam at the bottom of the curtain box The inner sides of the two curtain chutes and the curtain bottom groove are equipped with groove sealing strips, and both are in the same plane. Driven by the coil spring and the falling cable or the rising cable and the falling cable, the bottom edge of the curtain moves up and down, and the winding shaft rotates in the positive and negative directions, so that the curtain rolled on it is lowered and retracted. In this way, after extending from the curtain box, the curtain enters the curtain bottom groove through the curtain chute and the bottom edge of the curtain, and the window is completely closed, Thus, the windows are completely closed with curtains for sound insulation. Some places like cinemas use more sound proof curtains, and the effect is also good

4. Install the window sound insulation sealing strip

the sound insulation sealing strip is only effective for the windows with poor sealing, and the price is also very cheap. However, it is necessary to determine whether the lack of sound insulation is caused by the large gap of the windows, otherwise it is useless to stick it. The sealing strip is to block the gap of the window, which is the same as the sound insulation cotton

5. Add a layer of sound insulation windows

sound insulation windows are generally composed of double-layer or three-layer homogeneous glass or glass with different thickness and window frames, and the glass used will be thicker than ordinary window glass. However, the price of this kind of sound proof window is usually 800 yuan/square meter ~ 1300 yuan/square meter, and the price with ventilation device is higher. When shopping, consumers had better ask for the test report from the business and check the sound insulation to judge. In addition, it is best to agree with the business in the contract on the sound insulation effect to be achieved after installing sound insulation windows

6. Add a layer of ordinary plastic steel windows

this method is applicable to the situation that the outdoor traffic noise is not particularly serious, and if the windowsill at home is relatively wide, you can add a layer of ordinary plastic steel windows inside or outside the original windows. Plastic steel windows should be selected with good sealing, and the cavity distance between the two layers of windows should be more than 10 cm. The sealing performance of casement windows is better than sliding windows, so it is best to choose casement windows for additional windows. This kind of plastic steel window is relatively low in cost. If you want to reduce the noise impact in the most cost-effective way, you can consider sticking a sound insulation film on the glass first, then sticking a sealing strip on the window gap, and then changing a curtain with good sound insulation effect. Easy operation and low price

types of sound insulating windows

1. Double vacuum

double vacuum glass and double insulating glass are completely different in structure and manufacture. Double insulating glass simply bonds the two pieces of glass together, with an air layer sandwiched between them, while double vacuum glass is sandwiched with film support between the two pieces of glass, which makes the two pieces of glass fully integrate in a high-temperature vacuum environment, and the middle of the two pieces of glass is vacuum, Of course, the vacuum degree of double-layer vacuum glass is impossible to reach 100% vacuum, but a window is so large, and there are so many sound bridges, these are only tiny sound bridges can be ignored. In fact, the sound insulation performance of vacuum glass and insulating glass is not much different

2. Double layer laminated glass is a layer of film material sandwiched between two layers of glass, and this film is the same material as the support of vacuum glass. The support of vacuum glass is very small, so it can be ignored, while the film of laminated glass is as large as glass, that is, all are support points, and the noise will certainly be transmitted through the support. Of course, if there is a good window profile, do a good job of sealing the window gap, Double laminated glass can also achieve part of the sound insulation effect. In fact, laminated glass is mainly designed for safety. Some stations and public places use laminated glass

editor's summary: that's all for the sound insulation methods and types of windows. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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