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Abandon cumbersome and complex exaggerated modeling in exchange for a simple elegance. "Plain face" home creates a light and comfortable home environment, gets rid of the sense of crowding and bondage, and makes the space more transparent and exquisite

although rich colors can make people feel bright in front of them, a large amount of thick ink and heavy colors will become dark and depressing when they are spread all over the space. Even if the curtain is opened and the warm sunshine is penetrated, the space cannot be light

if you want the overall space to be light and comfortable, you need to subtract, abandon the cumbersome and complex exaggerated modeling in exchange for a simple and elegant, and add sufficient light and space

"plain face" home is to create a light and comfortable home environment, get rid of the sense of crowding and bondage, and make the space more transparent and exquisite

plain color "dress" bottom, achieving a clear flow

choose a light color background with low saturation to lay the overall tone, which can give people a sense of elegance and indifference. Simplicity and comfort is a kind of appropriate refinement

in fact, it's not much complicated. A simple white wall is enough to make the space appear transparent. The integration of light coffee soft packed bed makes the whole room look particularly gentle and elegant

peppermint green with gray tone and white make you feel clean and fresh. Lying on tatami and having a comfortable rest can cure people's vision and soul, and virtually "recharge" is completed

ingenious combination and excellent color art

various cabinets play an important role in the soft decoration part. Choosing low saturation colors can bring visual expansion and increase the sense of spatial hierarchy

natural log color can bring inner stability and calmness to impetuous urbanites with its fresh and comfortable feeling. When mixed with plain white, it makes the place where you can see elegant, comfortable and lasting

"magic box" superimposed TV cabinet has abandoned the traditional practice. The design of light coffee and white jumping box has turned it into a work of art, retaining the function of TV cabinet and gaining a sense of fashion and high-level

simple embellishment is exquisite and just right

bright colors without a big bang may appear too simple. If the details are slightly adjusted, the decorative design can complement the whole and create an extraordinary visual tension

the handle of the door buckle element and the metal Decal decoration of the same series are injected into the plain white cabinet door, which instantly becomes calm and atmospheric, giving people a fresh and meaningful sense of elegance

dotted with lemon yellow single sofa, it breaks the dull "deadlock", brings lively vitality, and adds a sense of space jumping

abandon heavy colors and exaggeration, and carefully selected home decoration will be transformed into a comfortable and relaxed life




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