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The 82nd General Assembly of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), known as the "United Nations in the field of electrotechnology", closed in Busan, South Korea, on October 26. The IEC national committees unanimously nominated and elected shuyinbiao, chairman of the State Grid Corporation of China, as the 36th chairman, The term of office is from 2020 to 2022. This is the first time in the 112 years since the establishment of the organization that Chinese experts have assumed the top leadership position

frans vreeswijk, secretary general and CEO of the IEC, said that the election of Shu Yinbiao as chairman of the IEC not only shows the affirmation of experts from various countries on the technical standards proposed by the State Grid Corporation of China, but also means that China will complete the transformation from "standard executor" to "standard setter"

"the only person qualified to be the chairman of the IEC"

on October 22-26, 2018, the 82nd General Conference of the IEC was held in Busan, South Korea. During the meeting, all IEC national committees unanimously nominated and elected shuyinbiao, the current Vice Chairman of IEC and chairman of State Grid Corporation of China, as the 36th chairman of IEC. It is understood that shuyinbiao is an internationally influential energy and power expert, who is a professional doctor in the power system and its automation who finds all relevant pages that meet the keyword from the page index database by the search system program. It has profound attainments in the field of large power grid security control and power grid planning and construction, has presided over the construction of a large number of major power grid projects with international influence, has organized to overcome a series of major core technical difficulties such as UHV and smart grid, and has made outstanding contributions to the leaping of China's power grid technology from following to leading, promoting China's clean and low-carbon energy transformation, and improving China's electrical equipment manufacturing level. Since 2008, he has successively served as the Secretary of IEC HVDC Technical Committee, member of IEC UHV strategy group and market strategy Bureau. Since 2013, he has served as the vice chairman of IEC for two consecutive terms, directly leading the work of IEC market strategy Bureau (MSB)

"Dr. shuyinbiao is the only person qualified for the post of chairman of IEC." This is the assessment made by jameshannon, the current chairman of the IEC. He said that shuyinbiao was one of the most outstanding and admirable people in the whole IEC system. He took over all the major and key affairs of the IEC and generously and selflessly shared his experience as the head of the State Grid with you. He manages the world's largest public utility enterprise, has rich management experience and profound technical background, and has a decisive influence in the world. Under the leadership of shuyinbiao, IEC will surely usher in a new atmosphere of vitality

founded in 1906, IEC, with members covering 171 countries (China formally joined in 1957), is a globally recognized standard setting and conformity assessment institution in the fields of electricians, electronics and related technologies. Together with the international organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), it is known as one of the three most authoritative international standardization organizations in the world and enjoys the reputation of "United Nations in the field of electricians". Shuyinbiao's election as chairman of the IEC is the first time in the 112 years since the founding of the organization that a Chinese expert has assumed the top leadership position

"shuyinbiao 12. Dr. experimental machine with safety valve has excellent technical knowledge and strategic vision. He has had a real and far-reaching impact on the electrical field. It is most appropriate for everyone to unanimously choose him as the chairman of IEC." Ralph Sporer, vice chairman of the IEC, said that in recent years, Dr. shuyinbiao has successfully promoted the birth and release of many white papers at the IEC, and put forward many very good suggestions, which has improved the position of the IEC in industry standardization. Most of his suggestions have been put into practice in the IEC, the most representative of which is to promote the establishment of several IEC technical committees, such as smart city system committee, intelligent manufacturing system committee, Internet of things Committee, etc

the reporter of economic information daily learned in the interview that shuyinbiao's election as chairman of the IEC has aroused widespread concern in China. Many industry experts believe that since the reform and opening up 40 years ago, with China's increasing integration into the global economic system, a large number of outstanding entrepreneurs and experts with international vision and familiar with international rules have grown rapidly in international competition and cooperation, of which Shu Yinbiao is a prominent representative. This shows that a group of outstanding Chinese entrepreneurs and experts represented by shuyinbiao have begun to come to the center of the international stage, contribute Chinese wisdom and assume international responsibilities

from "executor" to "developer" of International Electrotechnical standards

"I am the first generation of engineers trained by the state after China's reform and opening up. Being elected chairman of IEC, I benefited from the strength of the country and the improvement of scientific and technological strength, as well as some obvious technological progress made by the State Grid Corporation of China in some scientific and technological fields." In an interview with the reporter of economic information daily, shuyinbiao said that in recent years, China's power enterprises have thoroughly implemented the energy strategic deployment of "four revolutions and one cooperation", achieved remarkable achievements in advanced transmission technology, high-end electrical equipment, clean and low-carbon energy transformation, and the technology in the electrical field has entered the forefront of the world. As a leading energy and power enterprise in China and the world's largest public utility enterprise, the State Grid has fully implemented the new development concept, vigorously promoted the innovative development of the power grid, and become an international enterprise with global competitiveness

from the perspective of innovative technology, Frans vreeswijk, secretary general and CEO of IEC, said: "the election of shuyinbiao as chairman of IEC not only means that China will assume more and more responsibilities in the International Electrotechnical field, but also indicates that China will complete the transformation of its identity from 'standard executor' to 'standard setter'." He said that the energy problem is not a national problem. Countries can help each other and promote sustainable development through connectivity. The State Grid of China has successfully realized UHV transmission of more than 3000 kilometers, which is a historic initiative. This transmission mode can also be applied to other regions to promote power interconnection

in fact, State Grid Corporation of China has at least four core technologies attracting attention in the global energy and power industry. First, independently research and develop the world's most advanced UHV transmission technology. UHV transmission has many advantages, such as large capacity, long distance, low loss and low land occupation. At present, 18 projects of "eight cross roads and ten direct lines" have been completed, and the farthest transmission distance of a single project exceeds 3000 km. Second, it has the world's advanced new energy grid connection technology. By the end of 2017, the installed capacity of grid connected wind power and solar power was 130million kW and 120million kW respectively, ranking first among major power grids in the world. Third, it has the world's leading large power grid operation control technology. The State Grid is the only super large power grid in the world that has not experienced large-scale blackouts in the past 20 years. Fourth, it has the world's advanced smart grid technology. A series of world advanced flexible power transmission projects have been completed. Build the world's widest Expressway fast charging network (covering 150 cities) and the world's largest intelligent vehicle networking platform (250000 charging piles) to provide all-round services for electric vehicle travel

it is understood that in recent years, the State Grid has carried out a series of work around the "going out" of standards. Actively promote the mutual recognition with other national standards, so that Chinese standards can be accepted and recognized by other countries; promote the consistency between Chinese power standards and international standards. At present, the equivalent conversion rate of IEC international standards for electrical equipment in China is close to 80%, which is equivalent to the European level; actively participate in the formulation of international standards, and promote the transformation of Chinese standards into international standards, On behalf of China, the State Grid Corporation of China has initiated the establishment of five technical committees and undertaken the Secretariat work in the IEC over the past few years, and more than 600 company experts have participated in the IEC work

according to the data, in recent years, 59 international standards have been approved under the leadership of the State Grid, including 43 IEC standards and 16 IEEE standards, which are mainly distributed in the fields of ultra-high voltage AC/DC, smart grid, large grid operation, electric vehicle charging and switching, distributed power supply, etc., and play an important role in promoting the development of China's emerging industries and "going global". Among them, China's electric vehicle charging and replacement standard system, which is developed under the leadership of the State Grid, is listed as one of the world's four standard systems together with the United States, Germany and Japan

"milestone of China's participation in the construction of international standardization"

"the election of chairman Shu Yinbiao as chairman of the IEC will not only further enhance China's international voice in the electrical field, but also have a milestone significance for China's participation in the construction of international standardization." Guojianbo, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of the Chinese Academy of electrical technology, said that with the acceleration of economic globalization and trade liberalization, international standards, as an important means of global governance professional research centers, are profoundly affecting the pattern and order of global governance. In today's highly globalized economy, whoever has the right to formulate international standards has the initiative in developing international trade, gaining the commanding heights of science and technology, and enhancing international influence and soft power

a study from OECD shows that standards and product conformity assessment affect 80% of global investment and trade. The similarity of standards is a necessary condition for investment and trade, and investment and trade barriers are often reflected in technical barriers. If Chinese enterprises want to make a difference in the construction of the "belt and road", they must attach great importance to the "going out" of standards

it is understood that IEC is not only the earliest and most influential International Electrotechnical Standardization Organization in the world, but also plays an important role in the development of global economic and trade cooperation. Especially in the current complex international situation and the rise of trade protectionism, it is of great significance to pay attention to the role of IEC and do a good job in international standards to promote economic globalization and the construction of the "belt and road". In particular, the operating rules of international standards organizations such as IEC are highly interlinked and consistent with the principle of "joint consultation, joint construction and sharing" advocated by the "belt and road" initiative. Strengthening the construction of international standards and promoting the mutual recognition and exchange of standards among countries are conducive to eliminating "technical and trade barriers" and promoting international technical and economic and trade exchanges and cooperation

Luqiang, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and professor of Tsinghua University, said that the election of shuyinbiao as chairman of the IEC will not only promote the sharing of China's R & D achievements in power electronics technology with the world, create more opportunities for China's power engineering to go abroad along the "belt and Road", but also promote the integration and interoperability of Chinese standards and international standards, and enhance China's international voice, It is of great significance to promote coordinated development of world energy and establish a future international energy community

Joe Batia, chairman of American Standards Institute, also said when talking about the election of Chinese expert shuyinbiao as chairman of IEC, "this means that China will play an important role in the construction of international standards."

tianshihong, deputy director of the State Administration of market supervision and director of the National Standardization Administration, believes that the election of shuyinbiao as chairman of the IEC is the first time that a Chinese expert has held the highest post in an international organization since its establishment more than 100 years ago, reflecting another major and fruitful breakthrough China has made in participating in international standardization activities. China should seize this favorable opportunity and

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