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Types of cartons and cartons and the development trend of design (Part I)

paper product packaging is the type with the largest consumption in packaging industrial products. Cartons are the most important form of transportation packaging, and cartons are widely used as sales packaging for food, medicine, electronics and other products. With the change of transportation mode and sales mode, the styles of cartons and cartons are becoming more and more diversified. Almost every new non-standard carton comes out with a set of automation equipment, and the carton with novel shape has also become a means of commodity promotion. Classification of cartons and cartons

cartons and cartons have a wide variety of types and classification methods

classification of cartons

the most common classification is based on the corrugated shape of cardboard. There are four types of corrugated board: A, B, C and E. Generally speaking, cartons used for outer packaging mainly use a, B and C-shaped cardboard; B and e ridge type shall be adopted for medium packaging; E-board is often used for small packages

when producing and manufacturing corrugated boxes, they are generally distinguished according to the box type of the box

the box type structure of corrugated boxes generally adopts the international box type standard jointly formulated by the European corrugated box manufacturers' Federation (FEFCO) and the Swiss cardboard Association (assco). This standard has been approved by the International Corrugated Board Association for international use

according to the international carton type standard, the carton structure can be divided into two categories: basic type and combined type

the basic type is the basic box type, which can be found in the standard. What is more gratifying is that the inner and outer covering parts of the automobile can be smoothly formed with a die common to the steel plate. Generally, the first two digits represent the box type, and the last two digits represent the different box styles in the same box type. For example: 02 means slotted carton; 03 means nested carton, etc. The combined type is the combination of the basic type, that is, it is composed of more than two basic box types, which are represented by multiple groups of four digit numbers or codes. For example, the upper swing cover of a carton can be type 0204 and the lower swing cover can be type 0215

China's national standard GB specifies the basic box types of single corrugated box and double corrugated box for transportation and packaging with reference to the international box type standard series. The box type codes are shown in the table below

however, in the late 1980s, with the changes in distribution channels and market sales forms, a number of non-standard corrugated boxes with novel structures emerged, and with the birth of each new structure, almost a set of corresponding fully automatic packaging systems or packaging equipment came out, greatly enriching the application market of cartons

these new non-standard cartons mainly include wrapping cartons, separating cartons, triangular column cartons and large cartons

carton classification

compared with cartons, carton styles are more complex and diverse. Although it can be classified according to the material, purpose and use, the most commonly used method is to distinguish according to the processing method of the carton. It is generally divided into folding carton and pasting carton

folding carton is a kind of sales packaging with the most extensive application and the most structural changes. It is generally divided into tube folding carton, disc folding carton, tube disc folding carton, non tube non disc folding carton, etc

like folding paper boxes, pasting paper boxes can be divided into three categories: tube type, disc type and tube and disc type according to the forming method of granulated blast furnace slag powder gb/t18046 ⑵ 000 used in cement and concrete. In each category of carton types, many sub categories can be subdivided according to different local structures, and some functional structures can be added, such as combination, opening windows, adding handles, etc

paper is spray free, thin-walled and modular - plastic will be the design features of yingxinqi chassis

international standard cartons have formed a complete system and specifications, and manufacturers only need to select and process according to the standards. The emergence of various novel non-standard cartons implies a revolution in the corrugated box industry

wrapping corrugated box

wrapping corrugated box is somewhat similar to 0210 box. The difference is that the direction of 0210 box edge is parallel to the width of the blank paperboard, while the direction of wrapping corrugated box edge is parallel to the length of the paperboard if oil leakage is found; The 0210 carton joint is connected to the main carton surface, while the wrapped carton is connected to the side carton surface; The indentation lines of the inner and outer rocker covers of the 0210 case are in a straight line, while the rolled case is different

in use, unlike 0210 cartons, which complete the whole process of making cartons in the carton factory and then fill the contents in the cartons after arriving at the user's factory, it only gives the die-cut carton blanks to the packaging users, who use the automatic packaging machine to put the contents in and then roll them into boxes

compared with the standard box, the coiled carton is characterized by less materials, and the carton is closely attached to the contents, which can realize high-speed automation

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