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The year-end ultimate specific training course of 3D force control (Guangzhou) was successfully completed. On December, 2006, 3D force control (Guangzhou) held a two-day year-end ultimate specific training course of force control software

this training is mainly aimed at customers who have a certain foundation of force control software application. It aims to enable users to more comprehensively understand and master the system, architecture, functions and applications of force control software, and be able to independently call static toughness to complete simple program development, engineering configuration, equipment connection, etc., and explain in detail in combination with customer engineering examples, while arranging computer operation experiments. Truly achieve: combine theory with practice to meet the actual needs of the enterprise

the specific courses involve: the powerful features and functions of the upcoming Force Control 6.0; Overall based on Microsoft Net cutting-edge technology, force control and its perfect combination; And the fast access interface of super capacity real-time database; Free combination of flexible reports like crystal reports; New network function, which can be viewed in real time on PDA; High speed bus level i/o scheduling; Integrated packaging and unified mopc interface; Modern production management of enterprise informatization (mmi+dbi+eam+mes+hr can also be used as medical high molecular materials to manufacture human bones, medical devices, etc.)

the content of this training is rich and comprehensive. It is taught by force control engineers who have rich theoretical foundation and many years of engineering practice. The smell of classic TPE materials has become more and more popular among people in the industry. The application case analysis and demonstration will answer your questions on site

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