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The type and processing technology of special-shaped cartons (Part I)

the box type structure of corrugated cartons generally adopts the international box type standard jointly formulated by the European corrugated box manufacturers' Federation (FEFCO) and the Swiss cardboard Association (assco). This standard has been approved by the International Corrugated Board Association for international use. Classification of international carton structure according to international carton type standard, carton structure can be divided into basic type and combined type. Basic type basic type refers to the basic box type. There is a legend in the standard, which is generally represented by four digits. The first two digits represent the box type, and the last two digits represent different carton styles in the same box type. For example: 02 means slotted carton; 03 means nested carton, etc

combined type. Combined type is the combination of basic type, that is, it consists of more than two basic box types, which are represented by multiple groups of four digit numbers or codes. For example, the upper swing cover of a carton can be type 0204 and the lower swing cover can be type 0215. Classification of carton structure in China this method is used in the standard classification of corrugated boxes, corrugated boxes and their accessories. According to its structure, it can be divided into the following categories:

slotted cartons (type 02). Slotted cartons are the most basic type of transport packaging and the most widely used type of cartons at present. It is composed of one or several pieces of processed corrugated cardboard, which is combined by nailing or bonding. The bottom and top folded pieces (upper and lower swing covers) form the bottom and cover of the box. This kind of carton can be folded and placed horizontally during transportation and storage. It has the advantages of small volume, easy to use, sealing and dustproof, clean inside and outside, etc

nested carton (type 03) the nested carton is composed of one or several pieces of processed corrugated cardboard, which is characterized by the separation of the box and the cover, and is nested when used. The advantages of this kind of carton are that it is convenient to pack and seal the carton, the goods are not easy to fall off after loading, and the overall strength of the carton is higher than that of the slotted carton. The disadvantage is that the volume is large after nested forming, and the transportation and storage are inconvenient

folding carton (type 04) folding carton, also known as special-shaped carton, is usually composed of a piece of corrugated cardboard, which forms the low, side and cover of the carton through folding, without nailing and bonding. In order to protect the goods from damage during transportation, corrugated box accessories need to be designed with reasonable structure according to the characteristics and requirements of different goods to protect the goods

the most basic carton accessories are composed of the following:

* partition: used for packaging fragile and vulnerable items such as bottles, separating each item in the box to prevent shaking and collision

* lining plate: there are basically three kinds of lining plates. One is full lining plate, which is used for multi-layer stacking in the box for layered isolation. The second kind is the bridge lining plate, which is used to level the gap at the place where the cover is closed in the carton. The minimum resolution of the third kind of Nari force is at least 0.91x2%=0.0182kn. The lining ring will play a more important role. In order to improve the compressive strength of the carton and protect the goods, lining plates are enclosed on the four sides of the carton

* cushion: various cushions are designed according to different shapes and weak parts of commodities to fix commodities, so as to ensure that commodities will not move during transportation, and at the same time, it has a cushioning effect

in recent years, with the development of circulation channels and?? With the change of market sales form, a number of non-standard corrugated boxes with novel structures (that is, the so-called special-shaped cartons) have emerged, and with the birth of each new structure, almost a set of corresponding fully automatic packaging system or packaging equipment has come out, greatly enriching the application of cartons?? Field

structural types of special-shaped cartons new non-standard cartons mainly include wrapped cartons, separated cartons, triangular column cartons and large cartons, corrugated support boxes, corrugated display racks, etc. Wrapping carton the wrapping corrugated carton is somewhat similar to the 0210 carton. The difference lies in that: the edge direction of the 0210 carton is parallel to the width of the blank paperboard, while the edge direction of the wrapping corrugated carton is parallel to the length of the paperboard; The 0210 carton joint is connected to the main carton surface, while the wrapped carton is connected to the side carton surface; The indentation lines of the inner and outer rocker covers of the 0210 case are in a straight line, while the rolled case is different. In use, unlike 0210 cartons, which complete the whole process of making cartons in the carton factory and then fill the contents in the cartons after arriving at the user's factory, it only gives the die-cut carton blanks to the packaging users, who use the automatic packaging machine to put the contents in and then roll them into boxes

compared with the standard box, the coiled carton is characterized by less materials, and the carton is closely attached to the contents, which can realize high-speed automation. Split carton split carton can be divided into two or more in the circulation process, mainly to solve the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales. On the basis of the traditional standard box type, the separated carton can be combined with various auxiliary materials to form a small box type, or a new forming method can be adopted. The new type of separating carton generally adopts the combination of H-type middle partition and wrapping carton, including mixed cell structure with n-type closed hole as the main opening and F-type wrapping carton. Among them, type F is more popular, which is mainly used for the outer packaging of shampoo and conditioner in plastic bottles and condiments in glass bottles. The F-type wrapping carton can decompose the original 20 bottles into two 10 bottles, improve the compressive strength of the packaging, reduce the cost of packaging materials, and have a good promotional function

triangle column type carton triangle column type corrugated box is formed by one sheet of box and corner lining. The four corners of the corrugated box form a triangle column or right angle column structure, thus increasing the compressive strength by 20% ~ 50%. There are two types of triangular column cartons, namely, pallet and sealing, and a variety of box types are available. Compared with ordinary corrugated boxes, triangular column corrugated boxes with excellent service can increase the compressive strength by 20% ~ 30% under standard conditions and 40% ~ 60% under high humidity conditions; The box body will not bulge, especially in wet state; From the structural point of view, the corners are relatively solid, so the damage rate of the contents is very low during the drop impact and vibration; When the load is applied, the deformation of the carton is stable, and it is not easy to cause stacking collapse. In addition, the tray type triangular column corrugated box has good sales display. Corrugated cardboard display rack corrugated cardboard display rack is a kind of shelf packaging integrating storage protection and display functions. It can play the most effective commodity display effect. It is a product with high added value of cartons at present

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