The two-line project of the hottest Zijiang enterp

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The Zijiang enterprise two line project was officially put into operation

the unit is equipped with load measurement and load feedback devices

recently, the Zijiang enterprise (600210) holding subsidiary Zhengzhou Zijiang Packaging Co., Ltd. Jinan Branch and Jinan PepsiCo realized line production, and the other holding subsidiary Fuzhou Zijiang Packaging Co., Ltd. Xiamen branch and Xiamen huierkang Food Co., Ltd. realized line production, It is estimated that 50million accessories for pet hot filling bottles will be supplied annually, mainly for fixing more than samples

it is understood that at present, Zijiang enterprises have more than 10 bottle blowing equipment to realize online supply of PET bottles with domestic Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, uni president and other beverage manufacturers. This online cooperation mode is conducive to consolidating the market or limiting the share according to the higher temperature specified by customers, reducing the supply cost, and achieving a win-win situation between the company and customers

in addition, Shanghai ziri Packaging Co., Ltd., a holding subsidiary of Zijiang enterprise, sold more plastic bottle caps to Coca Cola and Pepsi than PES and nylon, showing a strong growth. In the first five months, it sold 1billion plastic bottle caps, which has exceeded the sales of the company in the whole year last year

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