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The underframe team of the structural parts plant of Liugong excavator Co., Ltd. won the "national advanced team award"

the underframe team of the structural parts plant of Liugong excavator Co., Ltd. won the "national advanced team award"

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recently, the results of the 2016 national machinery industry culture construction advanced team selection activities were announced. With the advanced intelligent team construction, It has won the unanimous recognition of the judges of China Machinery Political Research Association and won the title of "national advanced team for cultural construction of machinery industry". In the work of entry quarantine, the underframe team of relevant departments is mainly responsible for introducing the classification of spring fatigue testing machines and how to purchase suitable equipment for the production of substructures of T E series excavators. The team adheres to the great wish of "made in China 2025" and "industry 4.0", and effectively implements intelligent manufacturing

with the strong support of the company, the underframe team is equipped with 7 welding robots, which realizes the automatic welding of various products and improves the traditional operation mode; By optimizing the welding procedure, the team promoted the improvement of product structure, reduced welding dead corners, and improved the robot weldability to 97.6%; The team also actively promoted TPM project in combination with the company's equipment management objectives, so that the OEE index increased from 36% to 66%. Work efficiency and stability of product quality have been improved, reaching the advanced level of the industry. In order to perfectly control the welding robot, the underframe class has developed a talent cultivation plan, conducted tutor lectures, encouraged and guided employees to learn robot operation, programming, use and maintenance knowledge, explored and studied the working principle of the robot, and solved many problems. The underframe team, represented by Ou Chengxian, a robot welding expert, also provided technical guidance and help to Liugong Poland company, which was highly praised by the peers for their comprehensive and multi-level energy-saving technical transformation

at present, the underframe team has improved the on-time delivery rate of orders, shortened the lead time of material procurement, reduced the inventory of materials and semi-finished products, and significantly improved the capital turnover rate. At the same time, it has achieved zero external feedback on market quality for two consecutive years, making outstanding contributions to the company. The underframe team will carry forward the spirit of innovation, establish the concept of "promoting intelligent manufacturing with technological progress and leading production progress with intelligent manufacturing", and make contributions to the development of the enterprise

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