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PowerMILL and mold high-speed machining technology

with the development of NC machining equipment and high-performance machining tools, high-speed machining technology has greatly improved the mold processing speed, reduced the processing process, shortened or even eliminated the time-consuming fitter repair work, thus greatly shortening the mold production cycle. The high-speed machining technology of mold has gradually become one of the most important contents of the technological transformation of China's mold industry

The basic starting point of high-speed machining is that cutting at high speed and low load can cut materials faster than cutting at low speed and high load. Low load cutting means that the cutting force can be reduced, so as to reduce the vibration and deformation in the cutting process. Use a suitable tool to cut high hard materials at high speed if you want to make non-standard samples. High speed cutting can make most of the cutting heat carried away by chips, thus reducing the thermal deformation of parts. Therefore, high-speed machining is not simply achieved by using the existing tool path and increasing the spindle speed and feed rate. If an inappropriate machining strategy is used, the tool life will be reduced at a light level, and even more terrible results may be caused at a heavy level

the author has used the professional high-speed machining software PowerMILL of Delcam company in the UK to engage in mold processing for many years. In this article, the author will introduce some views on high-speed machining and some experience and methods of using PowerMILL in high-speed machining, hoping to communicate with the engineering and technical personnel engaged in mold high-speed machining in China. The opinions and data listed in this article only represent personal opinions, which are hereby explained

Delcam is one of the first professional cad/cam integrated system developers in the world committed to the research of high-speed machining process and cad/cam corresponding technology. 2. The ordinary protection of ring stiffness testing machine. The company is also the only cad/cam software system developer in the world with a large mold processing workshop. PowerMILL is an excellent, independent, knowledge-based professional 3D processing software. It is easy to operate, fast in calculation, and completely overcut. It has been praised as one of the best high-speed processing software in the industry. It uses PowerMILL for high-speed processing, The author expounds the following points:

1. The problems that should be paid attention to in rough machining and the processing strategy adopted

powermill's rough machining (area removal) should adopt oblique cutting or arc cutting for the undercutting or inter line transition part, and try to adopt the processing method of forward milling, and the sharp corners of the tool path should adopt the smooth processing of rounded corners, so as to maintain the stability of the tool load as much as possible, Reduce the sudden change of any cutting direction, so as to meet the needs of high-speed machining. At the same time, the following machining strategies should be adopted in the rough machining of PowerMILL

try to use offset machining strategy instead of traditional parallel machining strategy. If possible, machining should be started from the center of the workpiece to the outside, so as to minimize the full tool width cutting

race line machining is a patented high-speed machining method launched by Delcam. As shown in Figure 1 below, it simulates the principle of racing, maximizes the elimination of sharp corners in the tool path, maintains a constant tool load and chip removal rate, and avoids full tool width cutting as much as possible. Making the tool load more stable can significantly reduce tool wear and improve machining quality

Figure 1. Tool path of racing line machining

cycloid rough machining is another high-speed machining method launched by Delcam. As shown in Figure 2 below, in the area of tool overload, PowerMILL adopts cycloid machining, which can significantly improve the machining efficiency, prolong the tool life and reduce the impact on the machine tool

Figure 2 cycloid rough machining tool path

2. residual machining

powermill is a professional machining software based on knowledge. Its residual rough machining can automatically identify the residual area and corner area of the previous process, automatically identify the interlayer cutting of the steps left in the previous process, and the system intelligently optimizes the tool path, so that users can obtain the optimized tool path with the least empty tool path

Figure 3 residual rough machining tool path

3. Problems that should be paid attention to during finish machining and processing strategies adopted

powrmill's finish machining connection should try to cut out the workpiece by means of arc or spiral, and try to reduce the number of tool lifts and frequent changes in the direction of tool path. At the same time, the following machining strategies should be adopted for the finishing of PowerMILL

optimize parallel processing, as shown in Figure 4 below. The smooth processing of rounded corners at the sharp corners of the tool path can significantly improve the processing efficiency, prolong the service life of the tool and reduce the impact on the machine tool

Figure 4 optimizes the parallel machining tool path

spiral 3D offset machining, as shown in Figure 5 below, which avoids the sudden change of frequent directions in the parallel machining strategy and offset machining strategy, so as to improve the machining speed and reduce tool wear

Figure 5 spiral 3D offset machining tool path

optimal contour machining, as shown in Figure 6 below, PowerMILL system will automatically use the region analysis algorithm to process steep and flat regions respectively, calculate the regions suitable for contour and similar 3D offset, and at the same time, it can use the spiral method to generate optimized tool path with little tool lifting, so as to obtain better surface quality

Figure 6 tool path of the best contour strategy

spiral contour machining, there is no tool path movement between contour layers, avoiding frequent tool lifting, which can significantly improve the machining efficiency. For equal roughness and equal height machining, according to the residue, automatically calculate the undercut step distance of the equal height tool path, which can significantly improve the machining efficiency and surface machining quality

4. Grubbing processing

change the use of the experimental machine. I believe everyone knows that the grubbing methods of

powermill include pen type, suture, along, automatic, residual grubbing, etc., which can reach more than ten kinds, with good safety and thoughtful consideration

5. Post function

post function is one of PowerMILL's strengths, which can't be compared with other systems. It has powerful functions such as cutting and rearranging the order of tool path, such as moving the starting point, arbitrarily modifying the cutting position, and improving the surface processing quality

6. Use some other advanced functions of PowerMILL

at the sharp corners of the fast forward height, as shown in Figure 7 below. PowerMILL can adopt the fairing of rounded corners, which can significantly reduce the impact on the machine tool and improve the processing efficiency

Figure 7 rounding smoothing at sharp corners of fast forward height

the tool bar, tool holder and tool can participate in the calculation of tool path as a whole

figure 8 powermill5 table defining tool path

intelligent whole process overcut protection

once overcut and collision occur in high-speed machining, the consequences are unimaginable. Traditional cam systems are generally local oriented processing methods, which rely on NC personnel to specify the interference surface and protection surface, and use manual or semi-automatic methods in the speech on the morning of the 14th to prevent overcut, rather than full-automatic overcut protection. NC personnel are under great mental pressure, vulnerable to emotional, psychological and other human factors, unable to fundamentally prevent errors, and have the hidden danger of serious accidents, Therefore, the traditional cam system is not suitable for the application of high-speed machining technology. PowerMILL adopts the latest technology and does not need to specify the anti cutting surface and interference surface. The system has the function of intelligent whole process over cutting protection. Even if the parameter settings of NC personnel are unreasonable, the system will automatically prompt; At the same time, the tool bar and tool holder are integrated with the tool to participate in the calculation of tool path, which completely avoids the occurrence of overcut and collision, and eliminates the concerns of NC personnel and machine tool operators

fast calculation speed

a good high-speed machining program is executed very fast on the machine tool, but its generation takes a long time and a lot of energy. In the field of single piece machining such as mold manufacturing, it is very common for machine tools to shut down due to waiting for machining procedures. If this pressure is simply imposed on cam operators, making them produce tool paths faster will often force them to take shortcuts. The result is that the program is not economical and effective. Although the machine tool continues to operate, the processing speed is greatly reduced. PowerMILL has a very strong computing speed, which is at least twice faster than other systems according to the test. At the same time, PowerMILL also automatically optimizes the tool path, which meets the needs of high-speed machining

7. Conclusion

this article is the author's understanding of high-speed machining and some experience in practical work. I personally believe that the safety of high-speed machining program is primary, so the intelligent whole process overcut protection function of PowerMILL is particularly important. Secondly, the correct processing sequence should be selected. Although the automation level of CAM software such as PowerMILL is improving and strengthening day by day, it can not replace the user's own understanding and experience of machining parts and machining strategies. It is very important to carefully arrange the machining sequence. In addition, proper use of the high-speed and efficient machining strategy provided by PowerMILL system is the most effective way to obtain good high-speed machining results. The above is the author's experience and experience in using PowerMILL. Please correct the deficiencies

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