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PP daily review: supported by crude oil, the market climbed

upstream raw materials:

crude oil: on Wednesday, the closing price of the New York Mercantile Exchange was $71.33, up $1.32; London Intercontinental Exchange closed at $70.80, up $1.18

propylene: on Wednesday, when the distance between far east propylene and its head is equal to or less than twice the diameter, the closing price of alkene rose, with the closing price of US $917/ton

manufacturer information:

some prices of PetroChina in North and East China have increased. In terms of devices, Yanshan Petrochemical Sanju has switched to K8003

market Description:

pp market situation continues to rise today. Situation C, there are not many market resources. The crude oil price above $70 supports the market. The mentality of merchants is good, and they continue to be bullish on the market. However, the fundamentals of market demand have not improved much, and some merchants are worried that the market price may decline in the near future, so they are very cautious

according to the specific market trend, the price quotation in North China has increased slightly, there are not many market resources, and the mentality of merchants is general. The mainstream price of wire drawing in the market is yuan/ton, and the low-cost quotation is yuan/ton when the test piece is under pressure; Today, the drawing price in East China continues to rise by 100 yuan/ton, and the market transaction is slightly improved. This week, most businesses are bullish. The drawing price is basically at yuan/ton, the fiber material quotation is at yuan/ton, and the copolymerization quotation is at yuan/ton; South China rose today, with little improvement in market demand, crude oil support, and general business mentality. The mainstream price of wire drawing T30S in the market is yuan/ton, the price of injection plastic is yuan/ton, and the copolymerization price is 10200 yuan/ton

today's viewpoint:

the PP market is mainly rising today, but the market trading has not improved much, and the market supply and demand is basically balanced. This rise is mainly supported by crude oil. After the short-term rise, the market may continue to fall due to poor demand. Recently, it is supported by the cost of more and more pur product manufacturers producing lightweight composite materials by adopting the spray foaming process, It is expected that the market wire drawing price will be adjusted in a stalemate of yuan/ton

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