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PowerChina entered the Kenyan wind power market with "Chinese standard"

PowerChina entered the Kenyan wind power market with "Chinese standard"

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recently, hydropower consulting international company affiliated to PowerChina and aperture green energy company of Kenya officially signed a 50 MW EPC contract for limuru wind power project in Nairobi. This is another wind power project of the group that adopts Chinese construction standards to go global, which creates favorable conditions for improving the recognition and popularity of Chinese standard system, building Chinese technology brands, and driving the transfer of China's wind power manufacturing capacity that will not change for several decades

this project is the first wind power project developed by PowerChina in Kenya in FePc mode, which fully adopts Chinese technical standards and specifications. The completion of the project will play a major role in improving the local socio-economic outlook, helping the Kenyan government gradually establish and form the country's national wind power industry, and promoting the local socio-economic growth and transformation plan. At the same time, it will expand the influence of China power construction brand in the African market and lay a solid foundation for hydropower consultants to take root in the African new energy market

the Kenyan government and power enterprises have said recently that they plan to take various measures to strengthen the development of wind power to cope with the power shortage caused by the rise in crude oil prices and other reasons. According to the estimation of the United Nations Environment Programme, the potential of wind power generation in Kenya is about 2000 megawatts

with the arrival of the international "standard era", developed countries have transformed from technology strategy to standard strategy, and actively exploring China's standard strategy is a strategic problem that all walks of life and even the whole country have to face

in the first ten days of October, the EPC project of Ethiopia Adama phase II wind power project, the most windy power EPC project outside China, contracted by PowerChina, successfully completed the first one. What can a stone do? Power generation in Guangzhou shitouzao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 102 units are installed in the project, with a total installed capacity of 153 MW. The Adama phase I project, which has been completed and put into operation, is the first wind power project in China to go global in technology, standards, management and equipment. The rules of wind farm acceptance specification, automatic control of wind power, and standards formulated by PowerChina have made the standards in Ethiopia's new energy field from a blank paper to a complete Chinese standard. The project has had a positive impact and demonstration role in Africa, and accumulated experience for Chinese enterprises to implement the international business priority development strategy of adding raw material quality requirements to this standard on a larger scale and at a higher level

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