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Power to perform -- Sidelights of the 2008 Honeywell China User Conference

on October, 2008, the 2008 Honeywell process control department user conference in China was grandly held in Wendu water city, Beijing. More than 200 users from oil and natural gas, chemical industry, metallurgy, paper making, electric power and other industries gathered together to have face-to-face exchanges with Honeywell global experts, Experience the vision and technological development of Honeywell process control department

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"at the three-day user conference, technical experts from Honeywell all over the world introduced the technical progress of the latest solutions in detail, and users from different industries also had further exchanges in the sub venues

Honeywell process control has been committed to providing solutions and services for the process and hybrid industries, including oil refining, oil and gas, pulp, paper and printing, power generation, chemical industry, life sciences and metals, mining and mining. Over the past 30 years, Honeywell's process control department has made a series of important achievements in the Chinese market and won many major projects related to China's industrial people's livelihood. Honeywell continues to launch leading technologies and manufacturing solutions to help industrial users meet challenges and solve problems. In recent years, Experion PKS (next generation process knowledge system), onewireless wireless wireless solutions and integrated security solutions have been released continuously. High purity aluminum, electronic aluminum foil and electrode foil products are widely used in national major equipment manufacturing, national defense and military industry, aerospace, rail transit, electronic information and automotive lightweight fields and life cycle service solutions. At this user conference, In addition to introducing these innovative solutions, many industry users spoke from their own experience and shared their application experience with you

onewireless wireless wireless solution new version

Honeywell industrial wireless network solution onewirelesstm updated version is compatible with isa100.11a industrial wireless communication standard. This version is the first wireless network in the process control industry that meets the isa100 hardware standard. The network can be upgraded to isa100.11a standard through wireless software update. Mr. Greg macham and Mr. Jiang Tiansheng from Honeywell process control department said: "manufacturers have been looking for a multi-functional wireless network that can handle thousands of in plant equipment and is stable and reliable, which explains the brand concept of the gold testing machine carried by" love "with action. Before that, the only way is to use proprietary systems. The isa100.11a standard will enable onewireless users to achieve this through the use of a network based on a series of standards. "

further driving the demand growth of extrusion equipment, the new version of onewireless launched this time is equipped with a new xyrtm 6000 digital input wireless transmitter. Onewireless supports a variety of wired and wireless transmitters, including corrosion, pressure, differential pressure, high-level analog input and temperature transmitters. As a single network that supports both sensors and IEEE 802.11-applications, onewireless also supports mobile work devices, such as Honeywell's intelatrac* PKS and experience mobile station, which can help enterprises quickly determine the location of employees and improve plant safety

in addition, the latest version of onewireless expands the interface capability of the system and supports HART protocol. Hart is a widely used protocol for asset management applications, such as Honeywell's field device manager. Onewireless system management software can realize communication between any xyr6000 transmitter and existing applications started through HART protocol, and the communication mode is exactly the same as that of wired Hart devices. Onewireless, an evolving platform, highlights the ability of Honeywell system to support multi protocol work. Mr. Greg macham also introduced the difference between wireless Hart 7.1 and isa100.11a (which will be introduced in detail in another article)

integrated safety system solution

Honeywell provides an integrated multi-layer method for factory safety, which can help customers improve their business performance. This integrated method is Honeywell's deep-seated prevention strategy, which can provide effective solutions to protect the safety of users' factory process control network. Mr. Li Yulin and Mr. Xu Shuigen of Honeywell introduced the integrated safety system solution to the delegates. "In 2007, the global growth rate of SIS system was 12%, far exceeding the 4% growth rate of DCS system. Honeywell won more than 5 million dollar integration projects in China, and achieved rapid growth in offshore oil platforms, natural gas processing and coal chemical industry markets." Mr. Li Yulin said, "Honeywell, abb, Triconex and hima occupy a leading position in the security market in the Asia Pacific region."

"Safety Manager shares important information with Experion C300. The system can provide SIS system point data, diagnosis and system information, as well as alarm, event, operator interface display, event sequence and other information for any Experion workstation in the whole plant. The integration of process control and critical safety systems enables the plant to minimize the probability of interference and downtime, thereby improving production levels and making it easier to recover from abnormal conditions. The system can also reduce hardware and installation costs. In addition, operators can operate without learning different process control and SIS systems

for example, for specific safety instrumented functions (SIF), sharing transmitter data can reduce the need for dedicated SIS transmitters. In some cases, reducing the number of transmitters required by SIF can also reduce the installation cost of field sensor equipment by 30%, which is equivalent to saving 750000 dollars a year for ordinary process units. And the system can also reduce maintenance costs

in addition, the safety manager can send a parking alarm to Experion in advance to prevent the chain effect on adjacent equipment, and then adversely affect downstream production. In this way, once the problem is solved, the production loss and start-up time can be reduced

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