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Danger, prevention and fighting measures of fire in wine cans

in the production of Baijiu (molecular formula: CH3CH2OH), it is necessary to store the distilled new wine (original wine) for a period of time before blending and packaging as products leave the factory. Stored for a few months or more than a few years, the original wine will produce a series of physical and chemical changes during storage, thus making the wine more mellow and soft

the original wine is generally put into containers and stored in the wine warehouse. Some wine warehouses are set underground or semi underground, some use civil air defense projects as wine warehouses, and some use natural karst caves as wine warehouses. The warehouses have single story buildings and multi-storey buildings. There are many kinds of containers for storing raw wine, such as ceramic jars, tile jars, wooden barrels, stone containers, stainless steel cans, etc. Since the ethanol content in the original wine is generally 65-7, lacrimal silicone rubber drainage tube intubation is an ideal method for the treatment of chronic dacryocystitis. 0%, the container cannot be absolutely sealed. In addition, the storage capacity is large, and a large amount of ethanol vapor volatilizes. We should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty. At the same time, in order to maintain a certain temperature and humidity, the warehouse is often poorly ventilated. Therefore, its fire risk is very high, and the loss after the fire is large. According to the statistical analysis of major fires in wineries in recent years, 95% of the fires occurred in wine warehouses

fire risk of a wine can

1. It is easy to burn. The fire risk of Baijiu is mainly measured by its flash point, ignition point and spontaneous combustion point. In terms of fire protection, the flash point is the precursor of fire. The lower the flash point of Baijiu, the greater the risk of fire. On the contrary, the greater the flash point, the smaller the risk. The flash point of Baijiu refers to the lowest temperature at which the mixture of liquor vapor and air is close to the spark of the flame and goes out immediately under the specified conditions. The flash point of Baijiu is 12.78 ℃, and the concentration of stored liquor is generally more than 60 °, which belongs to class a dangerous goods. If the concentration of Baijiu vapor in the air reaches more than 7.1%, it can be ignited as long as it encounters a spark with a very small energy (generally only about 0.2 MJ). When the volatile vapor of Baijiu reaches a flammable concentration of 3% in the air, and there is a fire source with sufficient temperature near the heating of the wine tank, there is also a risk of fire caused by ignition

2. It is easy to explode. When the mixing ratio of steam and air of Baijiu reaches a certain condition, it will explode in case of fire; Or mixed with oxidant acid, calcium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, silver nitrate and perchlorate, chemical combustion and explosion will occur. The maximum explosion limit of Baijiu explosion is 3.3% - 19%. The concentration of wine vapor in the gas space in the wine tank changes constantly with the combustion condition. Therefore, combustion and explosion often alternate with each other

3. Easy to evaporate. Baijiu can evaporate at any temperature, but the evaporation is proportional to the temperature, that is, the higher the temperature, the greater the evaporation, and the lower the temperature, the smaller the evaporation. The evaporation of Baijiu in the tank belongs to static evaporation, and it belongs to liquid evaporation when pumping or filling wine. Static evaporation is a phenomenon that the liquid level of Baijiu in the tank evaporates when the air is not flowing very much. No matter static evaporation or flowing evaporation, the volatile ethanol is not easy to diffuse because its relative density is 0.7893 (20 ℃), and often floats in the space of the storage or work site. If the ventilation condition is poor, it will greatly increase the fire risk factors

4. Easy to expand under heat. After heating, the volume of Baijiu expands and the vapor pressure increases at the same time. If the wine tank is completely closed, the heated expansion of Baijiu in the wine tank will cause the wine tank to crack, causing fire hazards. Especially when the liquid level of Baijiu stored in the wine tank is consistent with the tank mouth, the heated expansion of Baijiu will overflow, or a large amount of liquor will overflow on fire

5. It is easy to flow and diffuse. The flow and diffusion speed of Baijiu is very fast. For example, the overflow of Baijiu from the mouth of the tank or the rupture of the full tank will quickly flow around, causing the risk factor of fire

6. The combustion presents a light blue flame. The burning point of Baijiu is not easy to be found during the day. If there is almost no flame in the strong light, nylon has been successfully introduced into the 3D printing industry. In the sun, especially in the strong light, the wine can breaks and burns, and the flowing burning Baijiu will cause great difficulty to the rescue work. This is the war of the friction and wear experimental machine, and it will also cause considerable danger

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